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My children have Western Dental for their insurance. The Dentest and the orthodontist are great, I have no conplaints with them.

It's just the way the place is ran. I have two kids who are getting their teeth fixed, that means two different bills. I had ask the people at the front desk, what child do I owe money on. Well, the child she told me, and that child I payed on, was the wrong child.

So I asked, can you move that money over to the right childs account, and she said we don't do that here. So they won't treat my Daughter because I payed on the wrong kid. It also seems crazy that the day the bill is due, a bill collector calls me to discuss my account. It isn't even 5:00 yet.

Jeez. If you have a choice, and you need just a small bit of flexabilty, use someone else

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