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western dental is the worst experience that i have ever have ...they make you wait for more than 2 hours just for 5 min checkout...that *** rite...i will never recommend such bad service to anybody... and if they found anything bad on teeth, that takes teem 10-15 min to do it, and they just don't do it, what they do is set you up for another visit like if was a great experience to be with them ...really incredible how there system is i don't understand , if they cant handle the job why the *** are given appointments a 10:00 wen they going to See an till 12:30 just to tell you that you need to make another appointment for cleaning....

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Western Dental is by far the worst place to go. They will do nothing but charge charge and oh did I mention CHARGE you.

They will tell you that you need work done and believe me get a second opinion because you most likely will not need to have all of it done.

In a matter of 4 months I have paid them over 7k and lost 4 teeth due to them. Beware!


I agree! Western Dental seems to be only interested in providing billable services without truly treating the patient.

They brought me back 30 minutes past my appt. and took more xrays (every 6 months). After I inquired about the xrays they said don't worry the insurance will pay for it, which is not the point. My point is "are they even necessary".

After my inquiry they decided to do only limited xrays. Then, I was moved to another area for and examination (again another billable service). Mind you I was there only for my 6 month cleaning. After the exam (5 minutes) I was told I needed to schedule another visit for my cleaning.

They simply said here's our number and call us when your ready. I WAS READY WHEN I ARRIVED TODAY!!!! I'll wait another 6 months and change dentists.

This place is a joke. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your valuable time and money at Western Dental!

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