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I have had nothing but problems with Western Dental. I had moved from the Bay area to Sacramento and hadn't established a dentist yet so i thought I'd try western dental because I heard it on the radio.

Well that was a mistake. I was having problems with my teeth and I had told the receptionist I had dental coverage from my work and she called and then told me 5 mins later i didn't have dental coverage. I thought that was weird because I was pretty sure I did. She said if i wanted to go through with the treatment I'd have to do a monthly plan.

So i agreed because i didn't think the treatment would be too much. Well after having half of my mouth numb a staff member comes and shows me a contract and tells me it'll cost over 700 DOLLARS. Two weeks later i call my benefits and ask if i have dental insurance and they confirm i do. So i call western dental and tell them that and they say sorry its too late you are going to have to pay the monthly amount that's stated on the contract.

And i asked even if the first bill isn't due yet? And she said yes sorry. So I went down to western dental and talked to the manager and he billed my insurance. After that western dental was all confused they kept sending me bills and another contract.

I called customer service and the representative was very unprofessional he could not stop laughing and i was trying to figure out what he was laughing about. I later heard another a co worker in the background and he was listening to his co workers funny story and talking to me on the phone at the same time. He then told me he would send out a request to audit department to see what happened with the billing. I later on that day got a call from someone from the audit department and he said I didn't owe them anymore and they had made a mistake.

Then 45 days later I get a collections notice from western dental saying I owe 105 dollars. I was never informed once in those 45 days that my insurance hadn't covered a certain amount so i had no idea until i called collections.

I would not recommend this place at all it was a horrible experience. I have a dentist appt with them in February and I definitely will be cancelling it.

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Vacaville, California, United States #957959

I too had a billing/insurance issue. My son was having pain and I got my acceptane letter for my insurance, however they couldt find it.

And it was wastern dental ins. Western dental employee dental ins.

The very next day I handed them the paper for my coverage, and they wont ammend my contract. But if I needed more work done, it wouldnt be an issue to ammend the contract.

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