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Came in last week with my cousin,  they took her in first then me. We both just wanted our wisdom teeth looked at to be removed. Asked me what type of exam I wanted. (Just my wisdom teeth looked at). They then proceeded to check my entire mouth. Telling me that I have cavities all over my mouth and need crowns. They proscribed meds for me, but called my cousins name.  Then said "no not u, her" .. And gave me the script,  with her name crossed off and mine writen on top. 

Today, came in early they didn't have me on the books,  and scheduled me for 30 mins later. The girls at the front desk gave me dirty looks.

I waited an hour to finally be seen. Then waited in the chair hearing the guy behind me being drilled. 

While sitting there the nurses came by didn't say anything to me. I saw my chart (?) and when the nurse saw me looking at it came by and ripped it off the wall. 

Then when I finally saw the Dr he didn't ask how I was just "Hi I'm Dr Murphy". Then walks away comes back asks me what I'm allergic to and walks away.  Comes back 5 mins later and says "Well the wisdom tooth is to close to the main nerve and moler so I can't pull it out."  I said "that's the one that is killing me! Are you going to pull the other one?" he said nothing and walked away from me. 

After sitting there again, crying in pain. A nurse came and told me that I was signed out... And gave me a referral to see someone in Novato. 

He didn't even tell me, so I grabbed the xray copy and walked out...  

Its *** *** 

If they looked at my xray in the first place when we were there the first time. When she was examined my whole mouth. Why didn't they see it then, and tell me so I didn't have to go threw all this ***. 

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Boise, Idaho, United States #807920

You are right. It should have been obvious on the x-ray when you first came in.

They should have referred you then.

Most ex-military dentists were taught to remove difficult wisdom teeth, and can often save you money over a specialist fee. Why not find one of these in private practice? When you call, ask if he does surgical wisdom teeth extractions.

Patients make a grave mistake going to corporate chain clinics where the dentists are mere employees paid on commissions. They are not nice places in which to work, and the decent dentists want to own their own practices as soon as possible.

So such clinics are revolving doors with dentists coming and going.

Please avoid such places in the future, and get better care.

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