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This place PERMANENTLY BUTCHERED my tooth, which resulted in me having to seek out the care of an endodontist to permorm a costly, painful, time consuming root canal procedure and dental crowning, which ended up costing me a total of $3000.00 and months of pain and suffering. I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Western Dental, as I, as well a numerous others, unknowingly fell victim to this "Butcher Shop" that operates under the assumption that it provides quality, specialized dental care at an affordable price, yet preys on people who are otherwise unable to see a dentist due to their inability to afford one.

This place is an absolute JOKE. Western Dental is filled w/a bunch of 'poorly trained, incompetents who do not know what they are doing. They are taking advantage of the disadvantaged by luring them in w/low prices and false hopes, all the while using us a guinea pigs to 'practice on' and to conduct dental experiments. Once the incompetent 'butcher' has performed their 'experiment' (whether the results were a success or a failure) they are done w/you.

Which coincides w/the many other complaints I have I have read about in regards to the MANDATORY WAIVER/CONTRACT that they require all "patients" to sign, prior to "treatment", that releases them from any and all liability, if anything should go wrong. Western Dental is completely and totally 100% RESPONSIBLE & NEGLIGENT for the damage that was done to my tooth. I initially went to them to have two fillings performed on two separate cavities in my rear molars and ended up having to have a root canal procedure performed on one of the molars because the *** at WESTERN DENTAL drilled so deeply into my tooth, that he drilled into its pulp, thus permanently destroying my tooth. I also had to go to another dentist after the root canal to have a crown put on.

The total cost for this negligence was $3000.00. Not to mention, Western Dental Inc. has since thrown me into collections and had a lien put against me because I refused to pay them for the shoddy work they performed on me. I told them that they should be paying me for the $3000 dollars I had to to pay to repair the permanent damage that they caused.

It is just CRIMINAL that this place is still legally in operation and allowed to treat people in this dispicable fashion, with absolutely no repurcussions.

If anyone else has experieneced this type of horrific, unjust treatment at the hands of WESTERN DENTAL, PLEASE COME FORWARD! This place needs to be held legally responsible for what they are doing to people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dental Crown Service.

Monetary Loss: $3750.

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Has anyone ever gotten the class action lawsuit going? If so, please update on status and who to contact.

I would like more information. Seeing as how I paid in full for my braces and treatment. Then out of no where the orthodontist tells me that he was told by corporate that they no longer service surgical parients as of Jan 2019. I paid in full last year Oct 2018 and had my braces put on that day.

Western Dental has abandoned me as a paid in full patient with braces still on my teeth. It's been 8 months without any treatment or adjustments from my orthodontist.

They refuse to speak to me over the phone or see me in person. This is FRAUD, THEFT, BREACH OF CONTRACT and MALPRACTICE!!!


I would also like to join @kasandra.ldolan@gmail.com


I had the same experienced with western dental here in Temecula California. very ugly service and very unprofessional dentists they have even fooled me by saying so many lies.

just want to have a crown on my broken tooth.

I have unfinished treatment other than crowning that they denied but later on they said if I want they are going to fixed it. I never went back there any more for so many bad things and experience I had with them they even place me for collection for the amount I don't know where it came from any ways I always advice all my family and friends not to go western dental


im with you on going after them they owe me 1000 dollars ontop of much more


I would like to join. I can be reached by email: xfang2009@gmail.com


I would like to join too.


I would like to join. I can be reached by email: xfang2009@gmail.com


I would like to join. I can be reached @ biggdog34@ msn.com


I would like to join. I can be reached by email: xfang2009@gmail.com


I’ve been with Western Dental for over 16yrs and they have performed satisfactory service. However, last month, all that changed.

I’m currently in a struggle with them to fix a sinus perforation that was caused during a tooth extraction. I can sympathize with your point of view about Western Dental as I’m not going through my own set of issues with them.




I would like to join too. Please contact me at pajaro680@yahoo.com They increased their original quote by $3000 after the initial treatment and signing the contract for braces, They went from $5000 original estimate to $9000 Now they want $3500 to cancel, I have hired an attorney but I was told a class lawsuit is the best way to go.


I would like to join. I can be reached by email: xfang2009@gmail.com


Would like to join. For details contact b.walker1990@yahoo.com


Western Dental on Santa Monica Blvd in LA is the location that gave poor service, drained my dental insurance, and continues to bill my credit card without authorization! Please send me any information on how to join a suit against this lousy company! joydevie20@gmail.com


I would like to join. I can be reached by email: xfang2009@gmail.com


I also would like to join. Email veegipson@gmail.com

@Veronica Gipson

I would like to join. I can be reached by email: xfang2009@gmail.com


I would also like to join. I was told I needed braces for a max of 18 months.

Two years later I was still going in for tightenings. I was in high school at the time but when my mom was unable to pay for the braces a few months, they refused to take them off our teeth. I had *** brackets on my teeth for a whole year. They refused to remove them for us, and finally I resorted to breaking them off myself.

My teeth were actually "done" but my dentist refused to take my braces off until my sisters teeth were done. And by then, my sisister had months left and my mom was unable to pay the bill by the time hers would have been "done" now I have cavities on my back teeth from where the metal bands were around my teeth which were the hardest parts to take off myself. I had to live with that damn glue on my teeth until a year after I graduated HS.

I had to pay close to 500$ to get it removed and to get a cleaning since brushing with brackets, without the cleaning at every wire change was getting really hard to maintain. They also did a *** job taking the glue off and I still have the glue on my teeth.


Same thing they are charging me 1200 for something my insurance covered and I paid the balance with proof in my bank account now I have a collections account on my credit. I am definitely interested in this law suit.

So many people are suffering from their fraudulent ways and it’s really time to stand up for ourselves email me please. Gabogexy@yahoo.ca