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This place PERMANENTLY BUTCHERED my tooth, which resulted in me having to seek out the care of an endodontist to permorm a costly, painful, time consuming root canal procedure and dental crowning, which ended up costing me a total of $3000.00 and months of pain and suffering.I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Western Dental, as I, as well a numerous others, unknowingly fell victim to this "Butcher Shop" that operates under the assumption that it provides quality, specialized dental care at an affordable price, yet preys on people who are otherwise unable to see a dentist due to their inability to afford one.

This place is an absolute JOKE. Western Dental is filled w/a bunch of 'poorly trained, incompetents who do not know what they are doing. They are taking advantage of the disadvantaged by luring them in w/low prices and false hopes, all the while using us a guinea pigs to 'practice on' and to conduct dental experiments. Once the incompetent 'butcher' has performed their 'experiment' (whether the results were a success or a failure) they are done w/you.

Which coincides w/the many other complaints I have I have read about in regards to the MANDATORY WAIVER/CONTRACT that they require all "patients" to sign, prior to "treatment", that releases them from any and all liability, if anything should go wrong. Western Dental is completely and totally 100% RESPONSIBLE & NEGLIGENT for the damage that was done to my tooth. I initially went to them to have two fillings performed on two separate cavities in my rear molars and ended up having to have a root canal procedure performed on one of the molars because the *** at WESTERN DENTAL drilled so deeply into my tooth, that he drilled into its pulp, thus permanently destroying my tooth. I also had to go to another dentist after the root canal to have a crown put on.

The total cost for this negligence was $3000.00. Not to mention, Western Dental Inc. has since thrown me into collections and had a lien put against me because I refused to pay them for the shoddy work they performed on me. I told them that they should be paying me for the $3000 dollars I had to to pay to repair the permanent damage that they caused.

It is just CRIMINAL that this place is still legally in operation and allowed to treat people in this dispicable fashion, with absolutely no repurcussions.

If anyone else has experieneced this type of horrific, unjust treatment at the hands of WESTERN DENTAL, PLEASE COME FORWARD!This place needs to be held legally responsible for what they are doing to people.

Review about: Western Dental Dental Crown Service.

Monetary Loss: $3750.


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This is my latest issue with Western Dental:

They sent me something that looked like a notice from Medi-Cal here in California (medicaid) they told me to call them they did not have a return address on their envelope it just said enclosed information about your medical benefits I didn't know it was Western Dental until I opened the letter.

It said important notice Medi Cal.Enclosed is information about your services.

I called Medical and they said they never sent me anything like that it was Western General who sent me that.

So not only is Western Dental screwing us over there misrepresenting themselves I think they should put return addresses on their envelopes so that people will know who it's from and what it's about!

Inside the letter it said assigned location and it made it look like I've been signed on with an HMO with Medi-Cal. Again Medi-Cal told me they didn't send me anything like that; they don't even assign dentists.

This left me with the impression that Western Dental likes to use fancy language and fancy formats to make us believe Medi-Cal is doing something when Medi Cal is not. I think my point is they need to tell us who they are when they write to us because we have a right to turn down or accept their services and I obviously want to exercise my right to turn down their services. I don't even want to open their mail anymore I stopped going there last year and I told them I didn't want to come back.

So now they're sending us sending me mail I don't even want and they're looking like it's for medical because they won't even put a return address on their envelope.maybe that's their way of trying to bully me and rope me into their services again but I think it's a pretty roundabout sideways cowardly way for them to do it because they know that a lot of us don't want their services ( if you want to even call it that!)


I got my braces done at western dental.Upon signing the contract , there was confusion or wrong made decisions where my contract said “Clear” and for some reason the offices contract said “Gold”.

The gold is obviously more expensive.

Also, they told they will be able to fix my smile before signing the contract, couple weeks later my “teeth are too spaced to completely close your gaps” sorry but can fix them for “X” amount.I don’t want money I just want them to do their job correctly!


I am going through very similar problems with western dental. Please contact me.


Hello, I got my wisdom teeth pulled out from Western dental all 4 at the same time about a few monts after my whole left side of the face went num off and on and now and got worst or time. I now have trigeminal neuralgia, I am struggling with this painful condition. I've never had any problems like this before getting my wisdom teeth pulled out, and now I have to live with this pain and being on medication due to this.

Vacaville, California, United States #1310213

Hey Everyone,

I apologize for not acting sooner but when I initially wrote this post and wanted to sue, I couldn't find anyone who would take my case due to the fact I was trying to do it for just myself.Now after seeing all of your comments and knowing that Western Dental is still abusing ppl by luring them in with promises of quality & affordability, yet giving them

Sub standard care and butchering them, I feel compelled to make sure that these unskilled 'dentists' in training are held accountable for what they have been doing to their patients.

I have recently begun searching for a lawyer again. But this time I'm searching for one who will take my case & start a class action lawsuit on Western Dental. 4 years later and I am still in collections w/Western Dental for $750.00 & I still refuse to pay them a single penny!

To all of you who who have suffered, have suffered and are still suffering by the hands of one of these negligent wanna be 'dentists' at Western Dental, hang in there.They will soon get what they deserve for what they are doing.

to Buhdussey South San Francisco, California, United States #1329956

Please let me know an update. I "cancelled" my contract due to financial problems and had a deband but got a bill from collections of $1700 stating that it's from services rendered when I never finished the braces treatment

Pleasanton, California, United States #1307212

On 08/13/13 I signed a contract for 3 years with Western Dental Orthodont Services-Livermore CA for $4,000 I went there for a small gap in my upper front teeth.Even My gap was close in less than 3 months, they want to straighten my molars.

The problem is that in 3 years WD has changed 5 or 6 Drs that when came to see me 3 of them told me that the last Dr was doing wrong procedure with my teeth and changed my treatment. One Dr. has filed 3 of my lower front teeth to make easy to close my ***. Also put some hooks inside of molars to pull them out.

After that I have my teeth everywhere and I can't close my mouth and hurt a lot when I ***.

The last Dr. Asked me who did it? It was very bad procedure.

He needs to reverse all. By the time we have more than 3 years working and WD is charging more money for something they did wrong. On the las appt. 01/23/17, WD manager told me: if I don't sign other contract they won't continue with my treatment.

I refused to sign and I left. But WD sent a new bill 1,150 by mail, and a lot emails and Mail letters telling me that if I don't pay they will send it to collection. Also they want me to sign a new contract for $ 1, 650 to finish my treatment and it doesn't include pull off the braces which I should pay later!!! So, a small gap will cost me more than $7,000?

It is ridiculous!

I need help to get my money back to finish my treatment in other place or WD finish it without charge.can you help me?

Riverside, California, United States #1280194

Same thing happened to me also please contact me ethanpmertins@gmail.com

Santa Ana, California, United States #1251716

Yess please. I'm going through similar problems lucy.panduro@gmail.com

Glendale, Arizona, United States #1248136

Western Dental is a joke as a business.I had went in for a tooth extraction as of January 23 2016.

These people had pull my tooth and than gave me a bone Graff which gave me he'll but I paid for it all in the same day cause I was in pain and just wanted to get home. Now moths later these people have been messaging calling and sending letters that I owe and never paid. I called solved the problem it was there mistake that they said , I even have employees names and days they told me not to worry that they left a note . Now these people there at this joke of a company have been sending me letters for over a year and the collection agency had even started to send me calls and letters .

Please don't try to go to this company and save a dime go to somewhere were a real business is at and have trained there employees to do there job.This is unacceptable, and I plan on to sue if I receive another letter please let me know if anyone else had sued them before so I know what to do.

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