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i was responsible for my relative's account but, a manager at western dental I at Lomita office did not consult with me about dental works then when i asked him that i am the one who is responsible for the patient's account so why he did not ask me before they do the works. then he was very rude to me and he refused to talked to me.

& when i tried to talk to him closely, he told me " Do not touch him" then he was very bad to me. He treated like i am a third class person. he got mad at me so he threatened that he will call the police on me. When he made that statement, i got very disappointed at Western Dental.

& I was very upset at him. i always believed that I have a right to ask him questions because i am the one who will be responsible for patient's account. then i signed the credit application contract. he ignored me completely and he went to a patient then collected the money from her.

He supposed be a good manager but, He was such a rude & bad manager.

From now, i will never go to the western dental anymore.

  • I never had a bad service before
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Offices have to be very, very careful about patient confidendiality issues. At the minimum, your friend needs to sign a special form allowing disclosure of confidential health information to you.

And getting a court order appointing you in financial custody of this patient would be even more helpful.