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I went to have 2 extractions done and this wasn't my first time either. First of all I have Medical insurance but that shouldn't excuse how this doctor treated me.When I went back to prepare for my work they did not numb me at all before shoving the needle repeatedly in my gums.

I screamed so loud in pain I nearly crawled out my set. Only after a couple of minutes maybe 2 he came back and I had told him that I wasn't completely numb yet that I could still feel the entire inside part of my mouth only the outside part of my gums and my nose was numb. So he shoved 2 more shots into the inside part of my gums. I screamed once more because he was so rough and hard about it.

and not even waiting no time at all he tells me if I start to feel pain raise my hand not for pressure but pain and I totally understood him but once he started tugging I felt everything and raised my hand screaming.. He then pushed me down by my shoulders repeatedly telling me to shut up that I was scarring the other patients.. I have never in my life felt so scared and helpless and was in so much pain. Just to be told to shut up.

I am not a dramatic person and I have been to the dentist many times before but this time I will never forget. Then when I get home after crying and shaking for at least an hour and a half I go and look at my mouth to evaluate what was done and part of my tooth was still there and my gums were completely ripped down like torn to the bottom of my cheek.I am to scared to call them and tell them they did not get all of my tooth out.

I am seriously scar'd for life. You should not treat people like this just because they do not have top notch insurance or because they want to hurry up and go home

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Go to another dentist to fix it or it will be worse later.Explain to the dentist what happened and how you feel terrified to be there.Almost the same thing happend to me.I had a tooth pulled at cudahay dental in wisconsin.The dentists name was Doctor Ducky.She gave me shots to numb my gums but they did not work.She started to pull my tooth and I felt everything and I was screaming in pain.She had her assistant hold me down and was yelling shut up to me.When she was done I was in shock.I felt scared for life too.So later a tooth broke and was very sharp and I found a wonderful new dentist who listened.You know what his treatments were nothing like doctor duckys.His treatment was pain free.He has compassion for pain and is very gental.So you owe it to yourself to get this fixed.Just find someone new and not in a chain and explain to the dentist what happened to you.You can tell by the dentists response if you will let him work on you or not.Give it one more chance it is so important to your health.

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Sad to hear what happened to you. Everyone deserves to be treated humanely.

Not sure why you selected a clinic like this for treatment.

There are plenty of kind, gentle dentists out there.

It is troubling that you want your teeth pulled. Along with teeth, you lose a lot of valuable bone.

Please find out what is causing your decay and STOP it so you can save your teeth. You will not be happy with dentures.

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