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In 1999 by far was the worst experience I have ever had with any medical related facility. I was six month pregnant with my third child, and a molar on my left upper side of my mouth was hurting badly. I made an appointment with Western Dental and went the following day. A dental assistant took x-rays of the bothersome tooth, and a dentist told me I needed to to have my obgyn fill out paperwork before he could administer a treatment plan for the tooth. I took the paperwork immediately to my obgyn and picked up the signed documents and returned them to Western Dental in Huntington Beach, California. I soon received a call at home requesting more paperwork from my obgyn, when I picked up the new documents I was assured this would be the last bit I would need. So I made an appointment in a few days time. I was relieved when the day came, and arrived on time for my appointment and handed the paperwork over to the receptionist. I had brought my four year old son with me since I could not find a babysitter, and was assured by the assistant this was fine. I waited for an hour before finally being shown into an open exam room. I could see other patients, and it lacked privacy completely. I waited another half an hour for a dentist to complete the dental work. Finally, a Indian doctor ignited and confrontational pushed the documents into my face and demanded to know why a obgyn would allow me to take some of the drugs on the list. I was in shock by the way his treatment. He then accused me of forgery and being a drug addict. He took the X-rays and put them on a lighted board and told me there was no decay in the tooth I claimed was causing me pain. He demanded I leave or he would call child services and have my son taken away and said that women like me should not be mothers.

My son witnessed everything and started to cry and I was sobbing at this point also. I was in shock and did not respond to any of his questions because I found it unbelievable that a dentist could act so horribly. There were patients, dental assistants, children, that heard all the horrid accusations he had made. I grabbed my son, and left. Once I got outside I started hyperventilating and vomited. None of the staff came out to see if I was all right and I drove home feeling violated, embarrassed, and humiliated. My obgyn filled out those papers and I did not even view them before handing them over to that Western Dental office and to be treated like I was some sort of criminal or drug addict. I have never taken any type of drug that could potentially hurt my child. It was my obgyn discretion what drugs I could be given. There is no excuse for any medical professional ever to treat a patent that way, especially in a public.

The dentist was also wrong. It took me six months to go to another dentist, three after delivering my son. By that time my tooth was severely infected, and the treated dentist told me that it was indeed had decay at that point the dentist just did not want the responsibility of treating a pregnant patient. That type of behavior is unethical, immoral, breaks HIPPA laws, cruel, and unprofessional, and disgusting.

I also have had experience with the Costa Mesa, California Western Dental, and the staff was pleasant, and they treated my children well. The wait was long still. I was not happy with not receiving any pain medication after a painful procedure. That is also a negative aspect of Western Dental they never give you pain medication no matter how much pain you are in. If you call and complain about your pain, they will ignore you and advice you to take over the counter pain medication. I was ticked off I had to go to my primary care doctor to get a script for pain.

I moved to Bellflower, California and lived close to the Western Dental office, and had *** dental insurance, and went there for dental care in 2008 for myself and my children. I hate that office! The dentists are horrible and rushed, the staff is rude, and the office is dirty, always packed and the waits are sometimes as long as four hours. I had a root canal that the messed up and it got infected. The attending dentist refused me pain medication and antibiotics. My parents had to pay another dentist to repair the damage Western Dental did to that tooth to save it from getting extracted. I had a credit for the procedure and they claim that it was used for other services that I do not remember receiving. I was assured by two of the office workers that I had a credit of three hundred dollars, and suddenly it vanished into thin air. I refused to pay the bill because of their lies about the credited money and the shabby job they did on my root canal. One of the teeth they worked on needed to be extracted one year later because of the low quality of work on a cavity! This place sucks! Stay away from all Western Dentals.

You never get the same dentists, the staff talks about their sex life while ignoring you, the wait times are unreal, the dentists are unskilled, verbally abusive and ***. Most of the equipment is not well maintained, and the offices are dirty and disgusting. I think the reason they do not write prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medications because most of them are not licensed to practice and cannot legally do so. One told me he was working on studying for the dental board. If that is the case then why is he allowed to treat patients unattended? This place is awful and they could care less about their patients. I hope they get shut down!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Tooth Extraction.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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