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Update by user Feb 28, 2016

I spoke to the grievance department & explained all my concerns and feelings of the most horrible experience I have ever had. They asked what would I like done and I told them I was convinced to get a bone draft in which was not needed and I should NOT have to pay an extra $350 for something I never wanted, the dentist was persistent on that choice. So they are sending all my info to the top authorities and see how this can be resolved.

Original review posted by user Feb 22, 2016

I went into office because I needed a pulled tooth which was causing me much pain and it was a bad tooth that cracked. I was charged out of pocket for the office visit and for pulling tooth ( $268) also they talked me into getting a bone replacement graft which I couldn't pay for then cause my insurance didn't start until march 1st.

So they set up plan to pay in a months time for $350. The dentist numbed my mouth then came in to go over the ordeal. I am a hemophiliac so he wanted to make sure I knew what could happen in which I know my history & had a tooth pulled there years ago with no problems after. Starting procedure, I felt I couldn't swallow and made me cough, yet the helper wasn't suctioning the saliva in my mouth consistently.

The dentist was breaking my tooth into peices in which i was swallowing small peices so I started coughing at that time the dentist stopped and said to me, "Look I can't work on your mouth if your spitting on me" (In which I was not spitting on him as I was coughing with my mouth closed) Then he says, Relax, open your mouth wider (my mouth couldn't get any wider) Chin up, mouth wider, turn this way, all in a very harsh manner. I literally started tearing up. I felt like a lab rat at this point. I was so upset and distraught by the whole ordeal and cried all the way home over being treated like such *** and I was suppose to be the patient!

The Dentist Dr. had an attitude from the get. I NEVER had such a horrible experience in my entire life!! I walked out of there in tears all the way home.

It was not only physically painful but mentally more so. There was no comfort at all. I will never go back to that establishment ever again. On a single salary, I was way overcharged as $650 for the procedure should have been way less.

They had to put me on a payment plan for the remaining $350 that surely wasn't needed and gave me 2 weeks to pay half and next 2 weeks to pay in full. I am so insulted and degraded by the whole visit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Put a claim into my insurance when it starts on march 1st for the extra $350 procedure i was talked into doing. I had already paid cash for the tooth pulling and office visit..

Western Dental Pros: Receptionists.

Western Dental Cons: Doctor, Unnecessary procedures, Very rude.

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Thank you for communicating your experience regarding your recent visit to our office. We are very sorry your experience with Western Dental did not meet your expectations and apologize for any frustration this has caused.

We have passed along your feedback to the office manager for further review. Feedback like this allows us to improve the overall care and services we provide our patients. Out of respect for your privacy and HIPAA regulations, we cannot discuss specifics of your visit in this public forum.

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