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My husband visited Western Dental because he needed an emergency extraction. Not the best of ideas. When he arrived the place was filthy and he had to wait over an hour to be seen.

When he was finally brought to a chair, they stated they needed him to sign a contract to be able to pull the tooth. After signing, they then told him he would have to wait two weeks for an appointment. Needless to say, he went somewhere else the next day.

Now after a month and a half, I am still recieving bills and phone calls stating that we owe them money. I have talked to the corporate office and managers and they all agree services were not recieved and that they will clear the account. Now I am recieving calls stating they are going to send us to collections. Of course I was pissed, and when I tried to explain to them that they are making a mistake and I do not owe them, they hang up on me. Never ever again will I visit a Western Dental Office and I strongly urge anyone who is thinking about to run away, and run away FAST!!!

Review about: Western Dental Tooth Extraction.

Monetary Loss: $330.

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I will never recommend Western Dental to anyone. I am a SEIU member: WD is our dental provider.

The credit union does not have anything to do with WD when it comes to dental work or coverage. You pay your monthly dues, that's it. I discovered this policy when I went to the No. Hollywood branch for emergency treatment.

They treated me, pulled out 4 of of my front teeth, convinced me it was necessary. Then WD said this is temporary fix while my gums heals. I will need veneers which with cost more money, about $12,000. Discount was offered to me as a cu member.

Now with their own $$$ formulas, it was discounted to $7,000+.

It is a shame they cater to low/middle income families, then scam them. :( :zzz :cry :upset :grin


My wife use to work for WD only for less than 2 months WHY? because its a bussiness not a service,WHO s the owner now?

CHASE BANK,so its everything about money or service? administrators made the last word or the dr.????


To Western Dental,

yes you do bill for services not rendered, yes you probably do collect on some, yes you got money from me, my insurance company and now are trying to get more from me. my insurance company (united Concordia) went as far as calling you and telling you STOP harrassing the patient she does not owe you a dime!!!! bunch of bullshitters!!!!


I went to the local office today to find out about financing. I do not currently have insurance and am on Medicare. My income fluctuates due to the fact my clients renew and don't renew each month. I am a personal trainer.

The girl said I needed to pay $100 if I came back for an appointment she would schedule. AFTER I paid the 100 the would have a consultation and tell me all the details.

I already KNOW the details, a front tooth fell out, I need t replaced/fixed and possibly some other work. I have a TV show I am working on if money comes through and it means I will be ON CAMERA.

I am not going to pay $100 to sit down and be told it is a zillion dollars and oh we can't give you payments...who would?

So, can anyone tell me how payments work, is credit in house guaranteed, is credit a maybe or a not so maybe? Help.....thanks

The economy the last 5 months sucks, any help for a tv commercial?

email me an answer at

Dennis at

sorry the at sign doesn't work today


We see over 1MM patients per year.

To Mike, guess what? We have one death per year in our dental chairs as well?

Shall we be charged with murder?

Things happen and yes mistakes are made. It doesn't mean that we, as a great company, do not do our best to make them right with the patient and/or families.

We have a great legal team Mike. We have the best dentists in the world and have made great strides to improve the quality of lives of our patients by providing quality dentistry and no interest financing to our patients.

If you would like me to contact you personally for an off-air interview, let me know here and I will contact you directly.


Western does not collect monies for services not rendered unless you, as the patient, did not come back to finish treament that you contracually agreed to have done.

When you enter our offices and open up for treatment, you sign a contract. You agree to certain down payments and monthly payments which are given to you and every patient at ZERO interest and affordable monthly payments.

We do our best to fit the dentistry into your life and budget.

You sign your contract which shows what work will be done. We do the work; you make the payments. It is pretty simple for most people.

I find these comments amusing because they never tell our side of the story. What about all the deadbeats you come in and get treatment and then never make their payments?

And yes sometimes, the patient does not finish all their treatment but continues to make their payments. We do our best to monitor all the treatment and schedule 6-mos check up appointments but sometimes the patients move or simply don't come back.

If you feel you are entitled to a refund or have a specific billing question, call your local office. Again not too hard for most people.


westen dental is billing me for serves not requested nor needed. my wife went for extraction only as they were told when we went to front desk.

they then started their routine full mouth x-rays cleaning ect. have connted pacient relations overa mount ago no response.and are billing me for thouse services.


my wife went for the same reason we stated that when we went in! western started her thru their routine x-rays cleaning so on an son NOW they billing me for services not needed or requested.have called pacient relations over a mounth ago no response


Investigating this practice. Please write to me at my email

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