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I have to go to Western Dental because they are the only office that accepts my insurance, their Turlock location is really ghetto, their staff is rude and unprofessional, I waited 3 hours each the past two appointments, they gave me an inaccurate quote, they changed their story about the work that needed to be done, they started drilling into my teeth 3 separate times without me being fully numbed, the doctors don't speak good english and they did not communicate with me...they forgot me in the room once and were starting to clean up/close down when somebody found me... by then the numbness was wearing off but they told me the pain wasn't so bad and filled 5 cavities anyway...

Every time I go I have an absolutely horrible experience.

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I was am employee at Western Dental in Tracy, Ca. I was hired on Jun 1 2011 and was offered 11.00 per hour.

I then resigned my position on Jun 10 2011 due to lack of respect towards employees in the office and proper training for the job I was to perform. Nancy(regional manager) originaly offered me $9.00 an hour for the position, I accepted and then my current employer counte offered them. When I called Jennifer Vermillion on 5-27-11 to deny the offer of $9.00hour, she then called me back after speaking to Nancy and then offered me 11.00 per hour to accept th job offer by Western Dental. I accepted the offer and started on Jun 1 2011.

They failed to send me any paperwork reguarding the offer at a higher pay rate, and told me that it was taken care of. On June 15 2011, I showed up to sign for my last check and noticed it was short 0.75 hours of regular pay and that the pay rate was incorrect showin $9.00 per hour. I then brought it to Desirea Martin and she immediatley contacted corporate Payroll, who connected her with HR Dept. She explained the pay ate issue to Jose and he explained he dint receive the paperwork and it was not processed correctly.

She told him it ws to be approved and he said it would have to go through the "comp" committee and be approved. I then called Desirea around 4:30pm that same day and she informed me that because her o Nancy didnt file the paperwork correcty that it was denied and I would not receive any pay.


First off western detal can not be the only place you can go. Most likely you don't want to give up the money to be seen else where!

If you have such a bad experience then why go back? Doesn't really make sense.

I have been going to western dental for years and I love them! The staff at the Chico office are great and my doctor spoke perfect english!


anyone who has bad experience with them should band together and file a complaint to the DENTAL BOARD OF CALIFORNIA any other states.

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