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Western Dental told my mom i would need a couple filling. Ok..

understandable. That was when i was 10yrs old or so. Now im 23 and the teeth that i had fillings in began to crumble away. From what i know, when you get a filling the dentist clears out the cavity then applies the filling.

Well looks like that dentist jacked up and couldnt do his job properly. Im so angry. i have had to get those teeth extracted.

Western dental has caused a lot of unwanted and expensive problems. i dont know why they are still in business.

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if i understand what you are saying, you had fillings done when you were 10. you are now 23 and all the filings started to crumble away all at once...

what happened in the 13 years inbetween these 2 appointments... did dentists you saw at that time find anything wrong with the teeth?

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