I had a bottom plate hard reline which still doesn't fit me. They quoted me $179.00 which we paid, after 5 trips back they did the hard reline again.

Now they are call me and saying I own 284.00. We have been trying to call them and the cooperate office for 2 weeks, no one ever calls back and now they have brought it to a collection agency. Can you imagine charging me 284.00 for a service I [paid 179.00 for. Unbelievable.

There should be a law against *** schemes like this.

I will investigate, maybe there is.

Review about: Western Dental Dental Service.

Monetary Loss: $179.

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First of all, no matter what you signed, WD can not charge you for services you have never received.

I would recommend submitting a formal complaint/grievance with Western Dental. This can be accomplished via their website at www.westerndental.com or you may call them or write them a snail mail letter. WD will have 30 DAYS to respond to your grievance in writing. If you are still dissatisfied with WD's response or if WD fails to respond to our complaint within 30 days, you then have the absolute right to contact the Ca. Dept of Managed Health Care (www.dmhc.ca.gov). Please note that you must start your complaint process with Western Dental first before the DMHC will intervein.

For the sake of those that will walk throught those doors behind us, follow up with your concerns. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at wdadvocate@gmail.com I am just a concerned former Western Dental patient who is looking out for those in need of assistance and guidance. :)


:( western dental left me with bad credit so I was maken payment on my braces but first needed teeth clean and fillings so they open up an account for braces witch was pricey...I will have to. Pay the braces first but yet I dnt have them on yet cuz I need to pay the teeth clean first and filling. Why should I pay for sumthing I dnt have yet????


I had my bottome teeth realigned and they don't fit me any better than they did before. It cost me $285 in paymnets of $50 ea.

which I could barely afford becasue I'm on a fixed income. I have been back to them several times and they tell me that my gums have receded so bad that they can't get my teeth to fit me anymore. Who's fault is that? Not mine, that's for sure.

Why didn't they plan on that when they made the teeth. I am so mad at them, that I'm am turning them in to the American Dental Association and if that doesn't do any good, then I will picket their office and make sure nobody goes in there.

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