In April 2008, my brother who is on SSI, went to the Western Dental office in Lodi, Ca. The dentist said that my brother needed his teeth pulled and needed dentures.

Well, that as I said that was back in April and my brother is still waiting!!!!! We have received two different rejection letters from Dentical because the dentist did not put enough information on the application. Then the office called this week to set up an appointment to pull some of my brothers teeth on Sat. Oct.

18. My sister took my brother into the Lodi office and they could not find his paperwork for the authorization. Apparently, the office only has one person that does that part, so they came home.

I won't take up any more space but Western Dental will not be getting any more of our business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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but with a state (medical) insurance the consumer must be aware that the state is bankrupt and makes all attempts to slow the process down. Three to four rejections are common and before your authorization is approved you must go to a screening, which u probably never went too. Be happy that taxpayers are fliipping the bill and do your research before you go to the largest medical provider in the state...


:grin getting any more of our business!!!....as if these bastards are paying for it.....i find it so funny when these scumbags dont work and are mooching off the state and taxpayers money and act like they are paying for the services they are getting...

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