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I had an appointment 3 weeks ago because my son had an infected tooth. But after looking at it they scheduled an appointment for a Sunday (being that the orthodontist will be there).

I was not happy with their decision because my son's tooth needed to be pulled out right away. The office said he needs several things don in his mouth and gave me an appointment for 3/13/16. I called the office on 3/12/16 and asked to speak with someone regarding all the things they wanted to do on 3/13/16 and the front desk receptionist told me that when I come in before anything the doctor will sit with me and discuss everything and I will be able to tell them if I do not want certain procedures done. Sunday morning, 3/13/16, today I arrived at the office at 10:20 and my appointment was at 10:30 and started filling out the paperwork they wanted me to complete.

I told the front desk receptionist that i do not agree with some of the procedures they wanted to do and I did not initial next to them on the paper. After we were called in they told us to go to a station and sit, later they moved us to another station and lastly to station 5. After we sat down the doctor approached us and the nurse was with her. Dr.

Knapp briefly looked inside my son's mouth and said "Have I worked in his mouth before?" And I responded "I don't know, because last time they did not let us in with him". She was confused and walked back and forth. I told her that I only want one tooth pulled today because he already has two missing teeth and he gets all three pulled out today he will not be able to chew his food. She never looked at me or answered any of my questions.

She said you have to come back another day without making eye contact. And I told her I was told that the orthodontist will be here today and this appointment was made three weeks ago. His tooth is infected it needs to be pulled out. And then she said we will only do the cleaning today.

In the meanwhile she never made eye contact and walked back and forth from one station to another and later came and told me that I am being "Unreasonable" and that she is going to call the police and asked me to leave.

I told her that I will make a complaint! I walked to the front desk and asked for the WEstern Dental Corporate's number and her name as well as the location manager's name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dental Filling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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File a complaint with your state's dental board plus your county's dental board. Then, posthaste get your son into a dentist in private practice---ask friends, relatives for someone they go to and trust.

Going to these large dental mills is usually a bad idea, as you found out. Do not delay. Tell the dentist you call it is an emergency, etc. Get his opinion/diagnosis and he will probably refer you to a specialist.

Good luck.

Infected teeth can cause problems throughout the whole body. Good luck.