My experience with Western Dental was the absolute worse. They charged my insurance for work they didnt do.

I needed 2 fillings, a deep cleaning and a partial made for 2 lower teeth. They said that they would have to make it 3 teeth and that I had to pay $700 up front and another $1700 in payments. They did the cleaning and the fillings that my insurance covered then they made me a temporary. The temporary would fly out of my mouth if I wasnt really careful, the actual parial they had to take more impressions, they said that I had to have a smaller mold made.

The smaller mold took about 7 weeks to make, then more impressions, finally after weeks of waiting the partial was ready. I went to pick it up and wear it for a week before they would make any adjustments. When I went into have the adjustments made the dentist broke it because it wasnt made properly and it rocked. They tried to tighten it enough that it wouldnt rock and it broke .so it only anchors to 1 tooth.

They were going to have to make another partial but low and behold they threw out the "special" mold so it would all have to be done again. I said forget you people your quack doctors working in a quack company. Afer all this they put me in the collections for $1700, I have to see an new dentist because the broke partial that rocks on the 1 anchor tooth has eaten a hole in my tooth, the 3rd fake tooth that I said I didnt want now hurts because Im getting a wisdom tooth coming in under it and to top it off I just learned from my insurance that they charged my insurance for 5 fillings, 1 deep cleaning and a regular cleaning. This place is a joke it prays on people that are either low income or dont have dental insurance.

Places like this should not be allowed to be in business. I put in a complaint with my insurance, the dental board and I did contact Western Dental corp office all they said was that since I had been put in collections that their wasnt anything thay could do. I call bs on that. My next call is the better business Bureau.

Tomorrow it will be a face to face in the dental office. I intend on letting everyone in there what a scam western dental is.

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