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This review reflects my experience with James Sunwoo, and this review is not intended to be critical of the dentist office he is working for.

James Sunwoo is an oral surgeon who at least the time of this review date, works with Western Dental, he is the dentist who does the tooth extractions.

I know because I went to a tooth extraction appointment in which he was my oral surgeon, James Sunwoo removed the top part of one of my lower right submolar.

Is anyone reading wondering why James Sunwoo removed only part of my submolar?

That is what I was wondering when it happened to me. I had waited 17 days to have the submolar removed from the day the appointment was scheduled, and so when James Sunwoo attempted to pull the submolar that day, the entire top of the submolar broke off from the lower half, and he refused to pull the rest of the tooth. I realize that tooth extractions get more difficult when the tooth does not pull out all at once, but he did begin the process, and so I feel as if he should have finished extracting my tooth that same day, even if it meant completing a more difficult than expected tooth extraction.

My appointment with James Sunwoo that day was at 2 pm, he had plenty of time before the day was over with, I am not sure what his motivation was when he refused to pull the rest of my tooth.

During the appointment, I asked James Sunwoo many times to keep trying to remove my tooth, I even asked nearby nurses to try to convince him to finish extracting my tooth.

James Sunwoo at one point made a comment to me which sounded like he thought I was faking it when I had winced in pain, of which I winced because I was not expecting the pain, and it was more than I had experienced during any previous dental procedure.

The point at which I had briefly winced in pain, James Sunwoo went to work on another patient for around 10 minutes, he did mention he was going to wait longer for the tooth to numb up, he came back and then he said the following to me, or something pretty close to it: "All right, are you ready to try again, because if you are not able to manage this time, we are most likely going to be done for the day."

I quickly responded from a stunned perspective, having not expected him to say that: I said, what are you talking about, you barely even spent any time trying to remove the tooth, then when I momentarily winced when I felt the unexpected pain, you went away to help another patient, then you come back and have the nerve to say that to me, what is your problem?

I cannot say for sure, but maybe James Sunwoo might have been skimping on the lidocaine.

I image that a dentist using less lidocaine would result in lower cost of treatment, I am not trying to be overly suspicious, but how would a patient know if this had occurred?

All I know is that lidocaine is what dentists almost always use to numb teeth, this is because it is very effective at relieving pain, and is rather fast acting. If a tooth area is properly numbed, it makes no sense that a patient would feel any pain once the dentist begins extracting a tooth. It is normal to be able to feel a sensation upon the tooth being removed, but is should not be painful.

This is why I began wondering why I felt pain like that during the tooth extraction attempt, James Sunwoo is the one who injected my tooth area with lidocaine, did he inject my tooth area with enough lidocaine to achieve sufficient pain relief?

I have in the past, had one visit in which a dentist gave me the numbing shots, then began drilling my tooth before my tooth became fully numb, that was unpleasant.

From my experience it seems to take around 5 minutes for lidocaine to numb a tooth area.

I can say for sure that after James Sunwoo gave me the lidocaine shots that day, that he did indeed wait around 8 minutes after the shots, before he began trying to pull the tooth, so the fact that I ended up feeling the unexpected pain, is the main reason I questioned whether or not he injected my tooth area with enough lidocaine.

At the point of which James Sunwoo refused to finish my tooth extraction, he did refer me for a anesthetic drip, which I mentioned to him that I did not prefer that, but he insisted anyway and would not finish extracting my tooth.

I told James Sunwoo that I did not see how he could pull the top of my tooth off and send me away without having finished the tooth extraction, this is where James Sunwoo's behavior got really unexpected, he picked up a small piece of tooth from the dentist tray and he said the following: This is all that I pulled out.

The small piece of tooth that James Sunwoo picked up and was referring to, was not even 1/8 of the total mass of tooth that he had actually pulled from my mouth. I know, I brush and water floss my teeth thoroughly every day at least two times a day, that submolar indeed had enough surface area to still be useful in chewing up food, so for James Sunwoo to be willing to lie and claim he only removed that small piece, that is behavior not fitting of an oral surgeon.

The x-rays I have on file at Western Dental, which I had taken not too long before the tooth extraction, are proof that my submolar had quite a bit of the tooth mass that was sticking above the gum line, it was indeed around half of the entire outer part of the tooth with a small hole in the middle, which had been drilled out from a previous dental procedure.

That day I ended up being sent away with the referral for the sedation drip that James Sunwoo insisted upon, and I was scheduled for another tooth extraction, it was for almost 2 weeks later, that is a long time for a person to deal with a tooth that is worse than it already was.

After this eventful dentist appointment, I went home and took a picture of the tooth area, as once I looked at it I realized that the freshly sagging gum line that was surrounding the tooth, is more visual proof that a noticeable amount of tooth mass was freshly removed from the area, I wanted all the proof I could get that James Sunwoo had indeed removed way more tooth mass than he had claimed.

James Sunwoo's behavior that day during my appointment, is the only reason I am writing this review, I feel as if he might have had too many patients to handle that day, and that maybe he did not feel like handling the more difficult tooth extractions. I do try to be understand of people's behavior and be forgiving person, but this happening was ridiculous.

I almost felt like getting a lawyer and filing a lawsuit against James Sunwoo, but I did not want this to end up bringing too much attention to Western Dental, as I realize that it was James Sunwoo who chose to be this way, and I realize that Western Dental as a business does not approve of this type of behavior.

Reason of review: Corporate had a positive attitude.

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You don't know what you are talking about. There are no "submolar" teeth.

Premolars, yes.

Lidocaine averages 10 minutes to numb the lower arch. I have encountered some big patients with dense bone that take as long as an hour to get numb. (Intraligamental injections take effect immediately. But these are not always effective, either.)

So it was supposed to be a simple extraction, and you were booked for that time.

Then it broke and turned out surgical. Then he could not get the numbness to work, and he wanted to reschedule you when he had more time. All this is a crime or something????

Chill out. You went to a sleazy corporate like Western because they take welfare and/or are cheap.

To do this, they overbook patients and schedule minimal time for treatment. You wanted cheap dentistry, you pay for it by inconvenience.

@Seasoned Dentist

This so called Seasoned Dentist trolls this site for reviews, he has commented on several of my reviews, all of which the comments were shallow in detail. By stating that lidocaine averages 10 minutes to numb the lower arch, in my review I said 8 minutes, what is this person's point?

I was a bit off, what a fool to waste his time correcting me. This person who comments from the username is almost certainly not even a Seasoned Dentist.

I am sure a seasoned dentist would troll review sites to make degrading or useless comments to a thorough detailed review.