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I took my daughter in, they called Anthem and supposedly got pre approval on her work, quoted me a price. Then Anthem sent benefits letter, nothing was covered, western dental lied about all benefits.

Then to make matters worse they kept two of my credit cards on file- one approved one not approved and continue to charge the one I did not leave on file with them, in fact I have no idea how they got the number. They are horrific to deal with customer service is awful I have called them numerous times and emailed, fell like I am dealing with a 2 year old, they are thieves

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dental Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Western Dental Pros: Very unprofessional.

Western Dental Cons: Being mislead, Lied about what my insurance company said it would cover, Poor customer service by the office staff.

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I had my teeth extracted I was asked to come back 2 weeks later for a fallow up Check up. That was on Nov 7th. When I arrived at 10:30am I was told there was a 2 hour wait. I am driving 40 min to get to my dentist. I asked why wasn’t I called and rescheduled. U guys open at 9am.

There was no reply. So I waited 2 and half hours and finally had to leave I had other things planned for that day. I never did see the doctor. I was rescheduled for the falling week on Nov 7th. and asked to call before I came to make sure they were not running behind. So I called and Nancy said they were fine. When I arrived at 11am I was told they were running an hour behind. I finally saw the doctor and she checked my dentures and told me they did such a bad job of them she told me not to wear them unless absolutel had to. And she made me knew molds. I was scheduled for the fallowing Tuesday on Nov 14th for a fitting. I was also told to call before I came to make sure my knew dentures were in. I called and Nancy said they were not yet in she was going to call the lab and see what the status was on my dentures and she would call me back. This was on Nov 14th. Nancy never called me back so I called her back the next day and asked what was going on with my dentures she never called me back. She put me on hold and some else in the office answered the phone. I got a runaround for a week with each time a different person. Finally on Nov 21st when I called I said I know something happened to my dentures if they were lost I will come in and we can make another set. Giving them the chance to come clean with what ever happened. So one of the girls says the lab never received the knew molds. Ok so at this point I am pissed cuz They knew for *** week. The lab did not receive my knew molds and now I wouldn’t be able to eat thanksgiving. Dinner. I called today and was told by one of the girls . I told Nancy to call u and. Make a appointment for u to come in a make knew molds. Then to add insult to injury I received a call from western dental wanting a payment from me for services I have not received . I have no teeth no dentures and you people want money from me. I am also being charged for 4 or 5 bone grafts that we’re not done. If this is the way western dental conducts business. You will not stay in business very much longer. I am not paying one more cent. To western dental. I will fine another dentist that will make me dentures I can wear. I am so discussed with western dental. You employees mistaken kindness for stupidity. I am far from stupid if they just would have been honest from the start about my molds not making it to the lab. That would have been fine. But to give me a runaround. If the molds take longer than a week to get to the lab. There is a problem they knew that so did I. But yet they gave me a runaround from

All the girls in the office including the doctor. I do not owe western dental any thing. I feel western dental

Owes me. Like I said now I have no teeth and no dentures that I can use. My top denture is crooked and the doctor put a lot of Reline in it but when I try and bite down it falls to one side cuz of the gap from being crooked. My bottom denture sits on my bone and doesn’t even fit. I can not wear it at all. I am so upset all I do is cry. I was better off with the teeth I had. Than I am now. I don’t go out in public cuz I have no teeth and no dentures. I can’t eat. I missed thanksgiving dinner. I hope all of you enjoyed your thanksgiving dinner. This is wrong what has happened to me. I am going to seek another dentist out. I owe western dental nothing.!


Interested in lawsuit due to fraud and scamming customers. Lying about what insurance covers and out of packet pushing customers to get work done promising affordable quality work then 2 years later trying to bill for thousands of dollars reporting that insurance did not cover and refusing me my paperwork and records