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Most of their dentists are educated outside the U.S. and get to work here because they see a bunch of medicaid.

The whole business model is to up sell the patient and convince you to get financing. The top of the company pushes the dentists and staff to push as much on you as possible so they are profitable for the company in NEW YORK CITY that owns them.

The whole operation forces dentists and hygienists to work on commission, so that is the motivation for the treatment that they choose for you. Find a private dentist with good yelp reviews to trust with your teeth, and your family's teeth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dentistry Doctor.

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I was getting dental implants put in but have not went back because I am too afraid of finishing the wrk. I Its hard to get me numb so I feel everything.

They gave me gas and almost ended up having a seizure. I remember my body shacking and the Doctor holding me down.

I went back one time after that but after thinking about it I am terrified of is next. I have part of the implants in but wont go back to do the rest for fear of something bad happening


Good advice. But to be clear, almost all clinics pay their dentists and hygienists on commission.

At least a dentist who owns a clinic won't order employee dentists to break state practice law.