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Drawing upon both 1Dental/Careington and Medi-Cal's scope of correspondent providers, I went to the Vacaville, CA WD office for an initial visit. I have been accumulating work to be done, and the presumed benefits of these plans made it seem viable to undertake the project at a large, probably not-so-refined source.

I gave both cards to the clerk, who said "We'll use this one first, then this one", as if they would bother. I was x-rayed and then examined. I was handed an estimate of $10k+, and said that this seemed a little high for all that discount. The immediate representative who brought the slip to the exam chair took it away and returned with a new figure of $6k+.

On the slip, the ONLY paperwork I took from there, were my name and credit score, with two payment plans for the projected services. I at no time have EVER either seen or received a detail of projected work. The representative, I presume some technician, Genevive, said the deal was good to the end of the month and I should call back to arrange the finance plan (it was only a few days away). While she was speaking, she further said "And you shouldn't be charged for today for your free exam and cleaning" as she went line by line on the computer screen and deleted entries (and I had gotten no cleaning, but the exam was worth the effort to me, simply to know where I stand).

Funny, exams WITH cleanings are under a bill anywhere else, anyway. Today, I pulled from the p.o. box an "attempt to collect a debt" for "Insurance underpayment" of $321.30. Excuse me, you people lie.

"Installment contract and promissory note that you signed" UNDER WHICH I DID NOT ACCEPT SERVICES PROPOSED. I left and do not plan to return unless absolutely necessary. I received NO detail of proposed services, for that matter. There is NO deal, WD, only that pleasant visit and hellatiously expensive proposal.

It's cheaper to go out of country and get more work done, which is what I was doing until I got this s--t out of them. My flight is Monday. I need work and teeth, and have better prospects right now far away, which will take substantially from my savings for this plan of years to get back to living like a real human (try finding work at over 50 in what I do in the States. Or anything other than WalMart greeter...).

As low-end as I am on the food chain now, I can afford to walk to McAllister and file pro se and IFP complaint for about $3. This is not extortion as defined by Law, but a fair warning that WD's pursuit of their illicit scheme will be at their own peril. They drop this on me, and as I now sit at a cafe tying up my affairs to leave the country for two major concerns, and I will be compelled to offer them the opportunity to restore what they will be denying me in this loss by tens of thousands of dollars- as that's what gainful work, and my teeth rebuilt by competent and honest professionals, will be worth to me. Scam...fraud...lie- under duress of wrecking your credit viability- are what Western Dental appears to have offered me.

Tonight typed up, tomorrow printed when FedEx opens, will be proper complaints to DCA, DBO and MRB. I'll have time to pursue a full-on suit if I miss this trip. They have enough money to cover compensatory/punitive damages I'm sure; it looks like they've been stealing it from anyone else on this review site. This issue may include retaliatory action for a post I made to fb stating that I didn't see any reflection of my coverages in their estimate, to which they also answered on fb.

Suppressing complaints, I suppose, with punishments? Fat chance I'll trust them with my health now. ***************************************************************** Today this was posted to them on fb: We need to talk about this "attempt to collect a debt" that I just took from the mailbox- for what I was given to believe by your staff at the office would not be charged. I am supposed to leave to look for work next week.

If I am forced to miss this, including ticket and accommodation plus loss of opportunity, I will have all the time in the world to file proper complaint IFP, and I am going to demand compensation for your trick's impact on my life. This is a scam and I believe I know why. I will begin generating complaints tonight and filing them immediately before I am to leave. If I lose this trip, for which I have been planning for over a year, you are going to pay me for this scheme, as my future will be substantially f--ed.

Get me, liars?

***************************************************************** (n.b. inclusion herein of any data/info re this issue is no waiver of HIPAA provisions)

This person wrote the review because of not as described of western dental billing practices from Western Dental and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $10000 and wants Western Dental to "talk with me now and write off this lie, and publish this fact verifiably now".

The most disappointing in user's experience was misrepresentation of fees. Author liked the most pleasant demeanor of staff and apparent competence. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Boise, Idaho, United States #1250506

You let your teeth rot away until you need a ton of dental work. Then you want California's welfare program to pay for it.

Then you go to a sorry chain clinic to get the work done instead of a reputable dentist.Next you complain about how much all this will cost you out of pocket, and want to sue the dental chain for it.

Go ahead and file a lawsuit, buffoon.

You will be laughed out of court. Maybe it is not so bad an idea if California and all the fruitcakes that live in it secede from the USA.

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