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December 15, 2017 Daniel D.Crowley, CEO Bill Dembereckyj. CFO John Lucas, Chief Dental Officer Lisa Dawe, COO Jeffrey Miller, General Counsel Premier Dental Holdings, Inc.

dba Western Dental Services, Inc. Corporate Office 530 South Main Street Orange, California 92868 Re: Raemarie Rodriguez aka Jessica Rodriguez, 555-86-5557, 5/6/1952 Formal Complaint and request for full refund and damages Mr. Crowley, I have been a client of Western Dental located at 5261 Elkhorn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95842I I became a client during a time I was faced with a myriad of medical challenged and unemployed. I basically had no option for a higher standard dental office, thus came to Western Dental.

January 16, 2017, my upper and lower teeth were examined and treatment plan created. The treatment plan was modified on 4/20/2017. I have attached these documents and copies of the x-rays verifying the condition of my teeth. January 22, 2017 I faced life threatening organ failure and under the care if different Sutter Medical doctors.

Once stabilized, I requested an dental appointment. It was a very challenging to make a timely appointment. It took me two month to be seen again. A new treatment plan was created on May 4, 2017.

I was required to bring in$1500.00 before they would perform any treatment. I called and let them know I had the $1500.00 and needed to reschedule because my teeth were in a lot of pain. They were also aware my upper stay plate had cracked and teeth were falling out. It took until June 12, 2017 to secure another dental appointment.

See attached documents. I also agreed to a credit account to get my dental care provided. See attached document. I faced numerous negligent services to include being told to use instant glue to fix my cracked (in half) stay plate.

It never worked. I speak and train for a living and was not able to work. I communicated all of this to Dr. Brar Arpanpreet.

She assessed that she could not save my upper or lower teeth. Dr. Brar also made one recommendation, upper and lower dentures. I communicated that I felt traumatized to lose all my teeth and asked if she could help save the lower teeth, she replied, “no.” I was also informed I was being scheduled for oral surgery.

I was informed the surgeon, Dr. Omar Sactout only came one time per month. I was schedule for surgery. Prior to my surgery date my scheduled surgery was cancelled.

My teeth were in pain, I was whistling when I spoke, teeth that fell out, a temporary stay place on top and bottom that no longer were manageable. They had worked prior to these dental visits, although the upper stay plate cracked in half and crazy glue did not bind them. I had been seen by Dr. Sunkara Divvarupa and Dr.

Barr again, both together at the same time. Please remember that Dr. Brar clearly assessed my lower teeth as not being salvageable. These two dentists, after I refused to follow through with full extraction of my lower teeth and refusal of a full lower denture, came up with a new assessment and decision.

They determined certain lower teeth had to be extracted and the remainder treated and saved. It appears that when I refused this initial diagnosis and assessment and for Western Dental a great deal of finance to extract all remaining teeth and a brand new denture would be lost. They then went into “plan B.” Their new move was still a finance maneuver, if refused the denture they would now go into treatment of my lower teeth and extractions and a costly partial. I need to revisit Dr.

Sactout, per the front office he did not have any appointment available and to call in to see if there were cancellations. Again, I am not able to work most days, living in pain and teeth deteriorating quickly. I had come in any way after my appointment had been cancelled, on the scheduled date. When I arrived, Dr.

Sactout walked around the front admin area of Western Dental for a great deal of time during what had been my scheduled appointment. I was told he needed to take care of a patient who was getting implants. He was not in an active dental appointment. I did call and was told the surgeon was booked for two months.

I clearly told them that my appointment was cancelled and I should have been scheduled before the others they had added. I was seen a month later. Dr. Sactout had a tremendous problem extracting my tooth on the left side.

Within the first two hours after I left Western Dental this day, and the stitches were falling out and substance cane out of the surgery site. I experienced hanging stitches, a gaping hole and a spur that went on for near two months. I brought it to the attention of Dr. Brar.

She communicated that the stitches would disappear, the spur is normal and the gaping hole remained a large open hole with spur sticking out for approximately two months. I could have no pressure on the spur sticking out, anything I put in my mouth filled the hole, the stitches were present for these two months and it was a very painful experience. When the delivery of the immediate upper denture began is was a nightmare. The denture was totally crooked and slanted severely leaning to the right side with a large gap between my bottom stay plate and teeth.

It did not close and was another large gap. The area that the surgeon had not competently stitched sealed with some substance and left this spur hanging out was not resolved. It was clear that the upper gum was not the same as it was when the initial impressions for the upper denture were made. No matter what I communicated, before and after photos I shared of my teeth, I continually faced being persuaded to believe the crooked, slanted, left upper denture was how my teeth were and looked prior to the surgery, *** sutures, etc., which caused my gums in that specific area to be shorter.

With the gaping hole and stitches hanging out it was a regime of fluids, soup and food items I had to mush or drink to put nutrients into my body. It lasted two months before I could develop a degree of tolerance. Dr. Brar provided me with a prescription of mouth wash.

I also had numerous very serious ulcers in my mouth that were intolerable. No other relief was provided nor a any procedure to resolve my misery or my dental issues. After the lower back left teeth were gone, the temporary stay plate, no longer functioned, in fact after Dr. Brar removed the area that use to be held in the rear lower teeth, it literally flipped up, moved when I spoke.

The right lower stay place continual cut my gum wide open, the pain was excruciating and I was literacy not able to chew on it. After over a month and a half of suffering, being told it is what happens, no assistance, I realize I was becoming more angry and then adamant about how badly the temporary stay place was causing me pain and I suffered with this large, a deep wound in my lower right gum in between the sensitive area under my tongue. When there were realigns, it came at a time when the upper emergency denture was literally falling out. I lost two months of work at $125.00 hourly.

Beginning May 4, 2017, I began communicating and reminding both Dr. Brar and Dr. Sunkara Divyarupa what I did for a living and had been given thirty days to resolve my dental issues. I also shared with both of them about how humiliating it was for me for the upper emergency denture to fall out at a major speaking event, training and with clients.

I was removed from my work. I am an independent contractor and if I do not work; I do not earn a living. Western Dental went on as usual, unreliable, negligent and lacked medical necessity thus caused me physical harm, mental harm, emotional harm and financial damages and my experience has been one of malpractice. I will go on with further details.

I was offered the opportunity if a lifetime to be one of a group of national keynote speakers in Bel Air California October 17-19, 2017. My bottom teeth were continually having pain. My lower partial was not secure and it was moving up and down and the left side was just held by the front teeth which was neither secure nor reliable. .

I had already called the office informing them of the pain in my bottom front teeth. I brought it to the attention of Dr. Brarm she was busy so I shared it again, she did not provide any treatment for my gums, she sanded down my lower stay plate on the right side. I was then scheduled to be fitted for the permanent upper denture.

I looked like an ape and the upper denture and lower partial were not correct, gaps between top and bottom, no bite, crooked and the teeth projected like a huge monkey mouth. I was traumatized. More impressions were taken. I was told that I would be called when they final denture and partial come in.

I did not receive any call. The more my bottom teeth hurt and bled, I realized the original plan by Dr. Brar and Dr. Sunkara was not being followed.

I got a small mirror and looked behind my lower five teeth and they were infected, gums red and the pain was excruciating. Cold or hot water threw me into a full escalated experience of pain. I also faced a call from a collections person representing Western Dental. They threatened my credit for non-payment.

I went off, my credit it perfect and there was an ATM card on file. On November 12, 2017 I called finance because they left me a message of my payment being past due and threatened me with collections. I paid my bill and gave Western Dental staff a new card due to some issue they had. I have paid my payments to Western Dental timely since I agreed to the contract.

On November 24, 2017 I called Western Dental and submitted a verbal complaint about my lack of care/negligence with Western Dental. I clearly informed the individual on the phone that if they did not resolve my dental care I would be filing a formal complaint and request for investigation with the Dental Board of California whom I had already spoken to. I still experienced, incompetence, negligent and complete disregard, no one called me back. I was told by Areli on December 12, 2017 that Western Dental Customer service send my information to the Elk Horn office.

I reviewed all of my documents over the past month and saw that the assessment that Dr. Brar and Dr. Sunkara advised me of never transpired. They never treated my lower teeth.

They literally violated medical necessity, failed to extract and or repair the teeth that needed to be addressed. They instead, ordered a permanent partial which was costly, and moved forward toward delivery without take the necessary, medically necessary steps to resolve my untreated, ignored serious state of my lower five teeth. Not until I reported Dr. Brar, Dr.

Sunkara and Western Dental on Elk Horn, did I receive any communication from Western Dental. It was after this date of November 24, 2017 that their office began to text me regarding incomplete dental work. Dental treatment within itself is traumatic and for me caused me acute anxiety, acute stress thus I faced and experience life threatening panic attacks. It caused me to think more about the medical necessity for a dentist to provide to their patient, medical negligence and egregious dental practices, financial fraud and medical malpractice.

The Dental Board agreed that if what I shared (and sharing right now) was accurate, advised me to file a complaint with the Dental Board ASAP. I do not respect nor trust Western Dental, its doctors nor surgeon. They have harmed me in many ways. My teeth hurt so bad, I began looking for a dentist that would take my dental coverage with my United Health Care /Dental Plan.

Western Dental had already used the $1000.00 coverage for 2017. Being out of work so much and for so long I needed to find a dentist I could afford and available. I went to Fair Oaks Quality Dental on December 12, 2017. The dentist Dr.

Nahid Afahari, a dentist previously with Western Dental was very disturbed at what she identified. I shared all I could about my history with Western Dental in 2017. Please see the film and x-rays she took and provided to me. She clearly agreed that what was done is not acceptable.

She also provided a treatment plan that I need ASAP. All teeth have deteriorated to the degree, they all must be extracted. The cost for my visit was a cash pay of $69.00 and the cost for necessary immediate dental care is $2,697.00. My overall mental and emotional state is traumatized, due to the unethical, egregious, negligence and malpractice of Western Dental doctors; I will have to have all of my lower teeth extracted.

I am now forced to have a denture. Why did Dr. Brar not resolve the dental needs of my bottom teeth, clearly in need for emergency care vs. her moving forward to have a permanent partial made?

I can used an expensive partial when in the very near future, my bottom five teeth will either fall out or have to be extracted? Why did Dr/ Brar and Dr. Sunkara initiate this treatment plan and then do nothing? You do not charge a patient for an expensive, time consuming and traumatic procedure and partial if you do not address the existing major dental issues and extractions first.

Since May 4, 2017, my bottom five teeth have been completely ignored, medical negligence and to sell me a partial, medical malpractice and I deem a financial move vs. my dental care. 12/12, although the care is negligent, I called Western Dental customer service to pay my monthly bill of $95.28. My credit is important to me, even if the care has been negligence; I have integrity and needed to pay my credit payment.

Considering all I disclosed to her, she placed any payments on hold so my credit would not be negatively affected. I refuse deliver of the lower partial and refuse the delivery of an upper denture from Western Dental. Here is my current demand: -I demand that this credit account No. 86-093363 be fully rescinded and no balance due from me.

-I demand that all payments I have made to date, my initial $1500.00 cash down payment and the $1000.00 Western Dental received from United Health care be refunded to me immediately. -I demand that Western Dental provide payment for me to receive immediate dental care with Nahid Afahari, Fair Oaks Quality Dental Care in the amount of $2,697.00. All of the above must be refunded and or paid immediately and received by me no later than Friday, December 22, 2017 at 5:00pm. Payment payable to R.

Jessica Rodriguez and mailed to: Post office box 3574, Citrus Heights, CA 95611 I did lose my position and offered to return to provide services for the company I was with. This was the first of November 2017. I have and a series of losses with work since May 4, 2017 and will be follow up with a full accounting of my income loss. I will submit the hours and total income lost no later than Friday, December 22, 2017.

I am open to a conversation about my income loss and do seek a financial reimbursement for this as well. In the event you do not immediately rescind my credit account with Western Dental, reimbursement me my down payment and all payments I have made as well as reimbursement of the $1000.00 you received from United Health Care, I will file a formal complaint and request for investigation with the Dental Board of California and the State of California office of the Attorney General on December 26, 2017. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

Submitted, R. Jessica Rodriguez Post office box 3574 Citrus Heights, CA 95611 916-254-78367 cc: CA Dental Board Complaint and Compliance Division CA Attorney General Enclosures; Various documents regarding Western Dental finance, negligence and malpractice

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