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Update by user Feb 21

About a month ago I got something in the mail from them and they did not tell me who they were until I opened the letter the return address only said something about notice about Medi-Cal benefits. They're not only abusing us they're misrepresenting themselves and I will document that.

I am considering complaining about them to the Dental Board here in California. I am thoroughly disgusted now I'm getting angrier and angrier at them.

Update by user Jun 02, 2016

My situation is unchanged. Western Dental will not be sympathetic about me having to seek treatment elsewhere (root canal that failed and tooth extraction) because the dentist at WD drilled too deeply, after telling me that my cavity "was not deep". I will leave this review up unless and until someone shows that they can do something about the $850 that I lost in my attempt to get a root canal elsewhere!

Update by user May 13, 2016


you can paste this; it is my link to my video about how I thought Western Dental was treating me. I am not sure I was able to post the video.

Update by user May 13, 2016

I am going to try and add a video about how I felt Western Dental had handled my filling problem. I made this video April 27, before I had to go and seek treatment elsewhere for more cost and more grief.

Update by user May 08, 2016

Although I still lost $850 on that root canal (emergency!), I was informed by 2 subsequent dentists (May 4, 2016, May 5, 2016), that the root canal (they showed me on x-ray) was not a good one; that emergency dentist had not been able to access the canals all the way. This was not his fault; he really could not do it.

Anyway, the first dentist referred me to an endodontist who did not even accept Denti-Cal, so I could not even afford a consultation!

The second one told me that he could pull the tooth if I could not spend money on more endo work (I was considering getting it pulled, too, because I did NOT want to go thru any more with my pocketbook OR my tooth; the first dentist had even told me (and the second one too) that even if I did have more root canal work done, that I would have trouble in that tooth and eventually have to have it out.

I lost that tooth because of Western Dental!

Even if I had not had that root canal, I still would have lost that tooth---because it was pulp-inflamed from that d*** filling!

And their negligence!

Now, I am lying here, nursing a sore socket. O-kay...

Update by user May 04, 2016

Please try to understand that myself and MANY MANY people are very unhappy about your service. A good business is willing to take some losses.

I took one; an expensive root canal and now I need restoration that will cost MORE.

Western Dental, in my opinion, I wish they could take a little bit, too. I need to be able to pay for my root canal and restoration (corrective due to filling pain)

Update by user May 03, 2016

They finally called me today and wanted to schedule me in for an appt for the pain.

I told them I had the root canal.

They said it was not covered and that they wanted to give me "an estimate" of the restoration. I asked "is it a lot?" They said, "yes".

I said, "good-bye, then". And I hung up.

I am sure they are not going to help me.

A good business, IMHO, should be willing to take a few losses and be accountable! They will no longer be having my patronage.

Original review posted by user May 03, 2016

On April 19, 2016, I got an exam, x-rays, and a filling. The doctor said that it was not going to be a problem; it was only a surface filling; a small one. Well, after asking him if I would need a root canal; that if it would be close to the root, he said no, it wouldn't be.

I got the filling. Then, for the whole week, I had pain. On April 22, I went in to have it evaluated. Another dentist said it was fine, nothing to worry about. I told him that I was worried; that I was even concerned that a cavity had been missed; when I touched that tooth a certain way (where it was not filled), it hurt. He said it was fine.

Then, since the pain did not go away (and I still needed 800mg Ibuprofen and 1,000mg of Tylenol every 12 hours), I went in again on Saturday, April 30th. A woman dentist saw some cavities; I was glad that she saw them. She offered to fill them; I consented. Afterward, the pain got WORSE! On Sunday, it was not any better. On Monday, May 2, 2016, I hunted online for an emergency dentist, who evaluated me (there was only one in SD and he did not accept Denti-Cal.) and said that the fillings were DEEP and BIG. He recommended root canal therapy on the tooth in question. Because the pain was so severe and constant and the pulp test was positive.

So, I got a root canal, to get out of pain. I had to pay with a credit card, over 800 dollars---I did appreciate him giving me a discount. He did a good job; I was not in pain afterward. He has to evaluate it in 2 weeks and give me restoration, which will cost MORE.

I will keep the appointment that I had made for Wednesday, May 4, 2016 (had made that appt for a "second opinion", but had not been able to wait any longer as the pain was bad). This dentist said he would look at my tooth but he could not give me even a filling for a restoration. I will be in debt for a long time now, since 1) Denti-Cal does not cover root canals or restorations on premolars (this tooth is a premolar; cute!), and 2) Western Dental had told me that the fillings would not be an issue requiring root canal therapy.

Someone from a support team did take the complaint I made to them, but never called me back.

Even if they do, I don't think I will come back.

I regret this.

Please click on the pic and you will see that these fillings are NOT small!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dental Filling.

Reason of review: having to get more treatment that is not covered by Denti Cal! After being told it was not necessary!.

Preferred solution: I would like you to pay for my rc therapy and restoration..

I liked: X-ray techs, Immediate appointment, Receptionists, X-ray technicians, One of the dentists did try.

I didn't like: Being mislead, Being told my filling would not be a problem when it was, Having to get more treatment not covered by denti cal, Management not wanting to help me with compensation, Not taken seriously for a while, Fillings, Feeling like i cannot trust them anymo.

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  • Denti-cal Coverage
  • Root Canals
  • Emergency
  • Dental Pain
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Someone was thrown around by the healthcare system.

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