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Western Dental Installed a hideous fixed bridge which is cracked and hideous. Hideous, hideous, hideous.

I left the office with the porcelain cracked. I was so traumatized, I never came back. This work is criminal. I have been traumatized forever.

The only reason I went here is because it was the only place that accepted the insurance I had at the time which was dent-i-cal. I now have insurance through my employer but the damage is done. How can a dental office victimize people like this and get away with it?

My husband had dentures done by them which he had to replace as soon as he saved up more money to get them done by another office because the ones Western Dental made him were hideous, as well. hideous, hideous, hideous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dental Bridges.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $11000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Not all welfare recipients get free medical and dental. There are various levels of paid Med-i-Cal which only this past year started expanding what they actually cover.

It matters not that someone is on med-i-cal and their insurance is free. These butchers have PRICING AGREEMENTS with every provider. My insurance is the absolute most expensive and best insurance I have ever had or even seen. Not to mention the fact that this is a HEALTHCARE facility which continues to violate the California State Dental Board standards.

Their contracts are forced on people in pain, they say they arent sure which proceedures may be needed yet they want you to sign for all of them. I also caught them over billing. I am also fighting the collections as well. My contract they claim they supplied to the collection agency bears a different signature than one I signed.

I have proof . Check everything. I urge each person who leaves a complaint to leave a similar one at the State Dental Board website or phone in. They are located in Sacramento, California.

Secondly I urge you to contact your loacl news stations that does consumer advocacy and direct them to the complaints . Apparently these people are engaged in a Conspiracy to Commit Fraud, since their odd and terrible practices seem to be the same even at varied locations.


Hideous. Hideous.


But traumatized forever ?

Toughen up and do something about this.


Lance is on welfare too he's just jealous because his wife swallowed his teeth during a horrid kiss.


You got your free welfare dentistry courtesy of us taxpayers, and you are not happy with it. Nobody can do a good job on California welfare fees. You got what you paid for.


Hey Lance, you are so superior, hope you never have a serious setback and have to receive welfare dental care, and then have to hear a ignoramus spout off to you about how that's what you deserve since you don't pay taxes


Don't be a moocher and then complain about free stuff you get from the government. Enjoy it while your can- the People's Republic of California will be bankrupt soon enough.

Us folks working and paying taxes have a hard enough time paying for dentistry for our family. Ever think about that?


I hope you will take these shysters to Court and get a beautiful set of teeth for yourself and husband.