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My two daughters and I have been patients with Western Dental for about four years. We started at the Mar Vista location and stuck it out for about 2 ½ years.

The service was poor and the staff often had a blank expression on their face when I asked them a question… Needless to say, we stayed there because it was a hop, skip and jump away from our home. But, we should have left awhile ago. At the time, I couldn’t change my insurance plan until the next enrollment period. But, I could change our office location, which is exactly what I did.

My oldest daughter re-located to the Western Dental location near South Gate, because it was closer to her home and school… and my youngest daughter and I re-located to the Western Dental, Santa Monica location. WOW, the moment we stepped through their doors, we were greeted with beautiful smiles and warm characteristics from the staff. They seem to have confidence in their job duties and care about their patients’ satisfaction. If this isn’t enough, when we went back to the dental chair to be seen to, I could hear some of the conversation between the doctor and her patients.

I could tell that every patient she attended to, prior to me, she was genuine and comforting toward. Her patients seemed very pleased before they left the office. At this point, I knew my daughter and I were in good hands… We have been in good hands, ever since we relocated to the Santa Monica office and have been under the dental care of Dr. Sona Asatryan and her staff.

It means a lot to me that Dr. Asatryan patients seem very pleased with her work and her staff seems happy and grateful to work with her. For the past year and a half, my family and I have never been happier with our dental care. My oldest daughter even relocated and drives from South Gate to be under the dental care of Dr.

Asatryan. I’ve been to various dental offices in Santa Monica and have even worked at a dental office in Marina Del Rey. From my personal experience as a dental patient and as an employee in a dental office, I can sincerely state; honest and authentic doctors, like Dr. Asatryan and her staff are difficult to come across.

If you pay attention to Dr. Asatryan and to her work ethics, you will see that she goes above and beyond what is expected of her as a dentist. Things may take a little longer at times, but please keep in mind that Dr. Asatryan wants to do a good and thorough job; not a temporary fix, but for our long-term benefit.

Like many dentist offices, the Western Dental, Santa Monica location has its busy moments. In reading some of the reviews, I notice that there are complaints and ill feelings about the waiting time… Please keep in mind that the Western Dental “Corporate” Office does a lot of the scheduling. From my observation, the Western Dental Corporate Office’s main goal is to get as many patients through the door and bring in the $$$, with very little to no consideration for the doctors and staffs schedule or their patient’s time frame. For this reason, I don’t feel that Dr.

Asatryan, nor her staff deserves to be penalized or insulted for this matter. If you don’t feel you can wait, the staff, up-front, are more than willing to re-schedule you for another appointment. If you find yourself in the waiting room for more than 30mins, then you should take it up on yourself to approach the front desk and reschedule. I find it helpful to ask them to schedule appointments during their least busy days, but sometimes that’s out of their control with the incompetence of the Western Dental “Corporate” Office in the mix… Remember: “Good things come to those who wait.” Personally, the waiting time is nothing, considering the quality of treatment and care Dr.

Asatryan provides. My hope is that Dr. Asatryan will open her own practice… This way, I wouldn’t have to deal with the lack of skill and training, from the staff at the Corporate Office, and I could refer the rest of my family and friends, with private insurance, to Dr.

Asatryan. ~ Mallica ~Current Patient

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