I recently finished my braces at Western Dental in San Jose. When they took my brackets off the tooth fell apart and exposed a giant cavity.

They didn't want to treat it because they said they had reffered me out to a specialist by giving me the number to Denti-Cal offices to ask for a root canal. Even when I was in excruciating pain they would not even take a look at it. they just kept saying that they would get in trouble for treating the pain, since they had referred me out. We still owe $2000 dollars for they great service.

What kind of exams were they doing the whole time if the tooth just falls apart when the brackets come off.

Since they are the only root canal specialist left in Santa Clara County taking Denti-Cal we had to get it pulled. I found a private dentist to pull my tooth.

Save your money go to a real braces specialist

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It sounds like "seasoned dentist" is a Western Dental dentist to me. He has an excuse for every mistake they make.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #843615

The reason you probably got a cavity around a bracket is your diet is poor and you did not brush around your braces.

Orthodontists do not do fillings nor root canals.

Good luck finding a good dentist getting welfare dentistry from the taxpayers.


We read your posted comment and are sorry to hear that you had an unfortunate experience with Western Dental. Delivering a great patient experience is of the utmost importance to Western Dental and we are very concerned about your experience with us.

We always appreciate comments so that we can continue to improve our organization and deliver the best care and services.

As we cannot address your specific issue through this website, please contact us at (800) 992-3366 during our regular business hours (Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm) so that we can look into the details of your concerns and take appropriate action to make matters right. We look forward to assisting you.

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