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I took my son into western dental, he had two cavities and they sedated him and started the dental work befoefore i was able to agree to the monthly payments!! While they were doing the work, then i had to consent to paying them the ridiculously high monthly payments!

Was i supposed to just leave the office with thw holes in his teeth? Really??? Then i called to settle the god aweful amount and they were so rude to me i was apauled!! I told him i felt pressured and forced to sign those papers being that my son was already sedated and being worked on!

And he said ma'am no one forced you to do anything. He said if i told you to go jump off of a bridge would you?

Ugh i was disgusted by the way i was treated!! Save your self the trouble and dont go their!!!

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Western dental doesn't care about their patients following procedures, all they care about is hooking you in to the procedure to get your $. After that you are mince meat to them.


If you go to Western Dental's corporate website and click on "commitment", you will read eveything they WILL NOT do.

I went to Western Dental on Florin Rd in Sacramento CA on July 18th and had an impacted, previously infected wisdom tooth removed. By the 22nd if July (a Sunday of course), I was in extreme pain throughout my jaw, mouth, and even my ear. I called Western Dental on Monday morning to inquire about whether or not I should come in for a follow up and had to leave a message. No reply. So I continue to call and can not get through to a person. Finally tuesday I am able to get through, and I am told I could get in wednesday. Fine, I'll manage until then. I go to my appointment on Wednesday, and wait almost 2 hrs beyond my appointment time only to have to complain several times to be seen (who knows how long I would've waited if I didn't complain). I go into the exam room, and the dentist looks in my mouth for 5 seconds and says it's healing nicely. I explained to her the widespread pain, and I simply had more vicodin pills thrown at me (not literally..). I was told it could take two months to heal.

Ok, I'm frustrated, but figure I will tough it out. Upon leaving, I ask for a doctor's note excusing me from school for the past week due to the excruciating pain I've been in. I was told that because I did not come in Monday (and may I remind you, western dental was on redial allllll day to no avail), that they would not give me a doctors note.

I feel that by prescribing me a second round of antibiotics and vicodin, they are acknowledging I have an active infection am in pain, however they are refusing to write me a doctors note because that would be acknowledgment that their procedure caused me a weeks worth of pain.

I do not feel that they did anything maliciously during the procedure, or that they screwed up on it and caused more pain. I simply asked Western Dental to show some compassion (after all the dentist stated it can be very painful and take up to two months to heal) and excuse me from school activities for a total of a week. But if they show compassion, Western Dental feels they may be admitting to some sort of wrong-doing. If they are that paranoid about law suits that they can't write doctors notes, then perhaps they should not be in practice. When I confronted the office manager with my complaint I was asked to leave! Way to "manage" your practice Aiesha!!! When I called western dental member services, they stated that dentists can not write a doctors note. Bull. My sister had her wisdom teeth removed and had a doctors note (from th dentist) to cover work for 10 days.

Simply put, WESTERN DENTAL DOES NOT CARE about your well being following a procedure, they ONLY CARE YOU HAVE THE WORK DONE SO THEY GET PAID.

I will be filing a report with the ADA.


We read your posted comment and are sorry to hear that you had an unfortunate experience with Western Dental. Delivering a great patient experience is of the utmost importance to Western Dental and we are very concerned about your experience with us.

We always appreciate comments so that we can continue to improve our organization and deliver the best care and services.

As we cannot address your specific issue through this website, please contact us at (800) 992-3366 during our regular business hours (Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm) so that we can look into the details of your concerns and take appropriate action to make matters right. We look forward to assisting you.


PissedOffMomma, Dear, you have just joined a group of thousands who have experienced the same exact situation. They call it "bait and switch". On top of doing this to my family as well, they took their behavior many steps forward where my family is concerned. As I suspect will also be coming your way.

Hurt me, that's one thing. But hurt my 8 year old twins, well that is just another story all together.

As individuals posting on this board we are nothing more than whiners. However, as a group of individual voices, we become a army of people who have the power to cause serious change. A rather large group of us have made some real progress. But more voices can ony tip the scales of justice.

There are steps that we all must take in order to get the authorities to get involved. The first start is to file a grievance with WD. I would recommend that you file a complaint via the web interface as the program is set up to send a auto reply confirming the complaint was filed. WD has 30 actual days to respond to you with a response and/or resolution.

Could you please contact me at as I will be able to direct you further.

Just think about all the people (elderly, children & low income individuals that will walk through those doors after us.

Ultimate Patient Experience... That is a joke.

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