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I currently Have a home that facilitates adults with developmental disabilities.March 17, 2012 10:00am.

I took one of my consumers to the Westren Dental In California on Venice and Western. My client complied with all of the procedures, taking x-rays and letting the Dentist examin his teeth. However when it came time for him to get a simple regular cleaning, the Dentist then told me that he does not feel comfortable , due to the fact that he does not know what my consumer might do to him. However my consumer has been cooropative the entire time we were there and has no history of public aggression.

So the Dentist recommended that we see a specialist. So I then turned to the Dentist Dr. Kwon and asked him, " So let me get this straight you will not brush my consumers teeth because he has a disability "? and Dr.

Kwon said " Yes ". I then asked the assistants in the front for Corporates number, and will proceed to take this matter futher than just leaving a message. Discrimmination is flat out wrong no matter whom it may be towards, and I will continue to advocate for adults with developmental disabilities that are denied their rights due to a persons ignorance like Dr.

Kwon's from Western Dental @ 1565 S Western Ave.At Venice Blvd 323-734-9514

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I too was discriminated against, I use a service dog and they didn't want to allow me into the back areas with my children at all. They gave excuse after excuse and I legally shot them all down. Finally they said they would examine the children in a seperate room but that during actual treatment I would not be allowed to be with them. I DON'T think so.

I'm sorry, when my son was 4 he learned to be afraid of the dentist courtesy a Western Dental dentist who manhandled him and treateed him like a peice of meat and not a child grabbing him roughly by the head and shoving pliars into his mouth as he began to cry. This was all in the treatment room with my service dog of that time btw. My daughter also has trust issues.

I have contacted you SheSharpShoots....there ARE things that can be done...


What happened to you is not a "new happening" for this corporation as I have seen other similar complaints online.I am also trying to stop this and many other serious behavioral problems within this Corporation as my children and I were also their victims.

Please contact me as soon as possible so that we can put this fire out together. I already have some numbers standing with me. Please join us.

I can be contacted at using my user name here to contact me through my account.I worded it this way because sometimes they blank out emails posted like this

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