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Dr. Dhillon at the Thunderbird office in Peoria has the chair side manners of a gorilla.

I requested snap on dentures. I was told I did not have enough bone on the top. He was to make an appointment with a Dr. Bernard prior to having my teeth pulled.

I was told that I did not have enough bone on the top for the implants needed so this meeting with Bernard did not happen until April. Had the teeth pulled and he stuck a set of dentures in with a bunch of gauze that did not fit my mouth, even after surgery, and would fall out when I opened my mouth. His staff, through him, told my friend to buy me poligrip....really, stitches and poligrip. I called many times for him to look at the dentures as they were also crooked.

After stitches out I tried to eat and couldn't chew with the lopsided dentures. There was also a gap on the bottom denture on the right. I continued to call until i finally complained to the main office in California. Dr.

Dhillon called after their customer service contacted his office, with the office manager, whom I was to speak with but he did not allow even though she stated she was there. I, again, tried to explain what my issue was and all he did was give his dental jargon stating I was going against medical advice and that I was two weeks too early and continued with his blah blah and never once listened to me. Also, I had just been diagnosed with diabetes and told him that and that my Primary Care Physician was worried because I could not chew food properly and also made a statement about the shoddy workmanship of the teeth. I tried to explain to Dr Dhillon but as usual, he stated he had many diabetics he worked with and basically I was no exception.

He also stated that if i went to the dental board it wouldn't matter because he had been before them before and never lost. When I finally got in for the first softline he did come in to see me and tweaked the upper plate that was crooked. But as he said it was temporary. The second softline, I showed his tech, G, that I could stick my tongue between the upper and lower dentures due to a large overbite...So G filled the upper and lower so full with softline material that I was really off kilter.

I finally complained enough, he set up an appointment for the permanent mold and still without looking in my mouth as I had continually requested. He again, stated I was two weeks early and if they didn't fit I was SOL. Good chair side manners..... I gave him a picture, even though he thinks it is his idea when it was a staffers, told him the upper teeth were too long.

He and a female staff stated if they shortened the teeth then the gum would show. He also stated Western had fired the original lab tech and so the teeth had to go out of state and would take longer to get back...Finally, close to a month later, April 5th, I was made an appointment with Dr. Bernard the specialist for the implants. Xray was completed and Dr.

Bernard stated he could put in two implants, four would be better and he could do that too. He could also put in a permanent denture. Dr. Dhillon had previously stated he had spoken to Dr.

Bernard (instead of having him see me) and that two implants would work but it would take about 6 months to heal. Dr. Bernard had written down that the upper teeth should be shortened by 1 milimeter and the lover lengthened by 1 milimeter. He also stated that he would make new plate and that my palate was not as deep as most so I would probably have to have the palate portion to maintain or he would have to put in a metal plate.

So, the Dr who put in implants stated the same as me, teeth were too long on top......that day, April 5th, I asked if the permanent teeth came back....they had and were carried out in the techs gloved hands. I looked at them and the space was gone, they were cockeyed, same make as the temps, and they fell out of my mouth. Dr. Bernard was in the same space and heard me say I would not accept them because they were the same as the temps and I could once again stick my tongue between the plates.

Techs made me an appointment for April 7th for Dr Dhillon. I went for the appointment and his words were..."what are you doing here, I have done everything possible and you do not like these dentures. I sent a picture and blah the way Dr. Dhillon, I taped you on my he stated he was going to refund my money....I assume for the dentures which are approximately $1976.00 half of which my Delta Dental insuance paid for and he said he was releasing me which i did agree to.

He referred me to another dentist who makes dentures but if you think i will go to someone that narcissistic dentist refers me to ....NOT.....I will say this....If he would put those teeth into his mothers mouth then I might apologize....but I doubt I am pissed and contemplating a law suit.

I have no qualms on the surgery, but after paying over 6000.00 dollars one would think this person/agency would do whatever it took to ensure my teeth were near perfect..... JBarnes

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dentistry Doctor.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1976.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Not being heard, Being talked down too, Being embarrassed at meetings with teeth coming out.

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Here is a news flash: Implant failure rates are quite a bit higher for diabetics.

What did Dr. Bernard put the implants in since you were told you had no bone.

Hope they did not use mini-implants. Those things fall out in no time.

to Dr Rad Peterson #1380288

No Dr. Bernard has not done anything wrong or even put in implants.

He is a very respectful and above board person and stated that he could put 4 in on the top and 2 on bottom and that was was Dr. Dhillon who stated that I had no upper bone except for the six teeth he removed. I had all teeth pulled from the bottom. I was going to do this in January but have changed my mind on the implants.....dentures, however, are a different story.

I understand bone loss etc.

I just went in to Western to have them put in the soft line and after this experience will go elsewhere. The person who does this poured in the solution and had me insert it in my mouth with the liquid running everywhere, 2x's no less and trimmed around and now the lower denture looks like a beaver got ahold of not every returning....thank you for your response....

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