I need to get my teeth clean. Every time I am in the chair, I am told i need a root canal. Want to kill my nerve endings? Bad idea!

My request for service is being ignored. Where can I go to get private treatment? Is there a good Denti-Cal doctor that respects my needs. No (more) x-rays needed, just a deep gum cleaning.

I just get up and walk straight out of the place. Want to pull my front teeth when there is nothing wrong with them.

Pulling my front teeth makes me look like a chemical addict and Could/Does prevent me from getting live saving surgery. Could it be a scam? NO, Say it isn't so!!!

Review about: Western Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Why is California using this ripoff place for Medi-Cal? I can't continue to pay for the overcharged braces for my granddaughter and they refuse to help with low payments and call me every few days.

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States #17511

Western Dentals scam is this. They do Xrays and recommend braces on every single illegal that comes through the place.

They won't even see you, if you are white and educated.

They take xrays every single visit and say that indigents need all kinds of work that is unneeded. Since illegals are uneducated, they go along with it.

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