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I was at my dentist getting braces removed, when doctor started sawing off cement residue from teeth he complained to dental assistant how his saw thing was not tightening and kept slipping off, i am not sure if he changed it out since i had my eyes closed due to him sawing off residue.. he then started again and slipped thats when i felt him cut me and i squirmed and touched my lip he continued to saw off my teeth without stopping or asking if im ok, or caring if residue will land on my cut...

once he was done Dental assistant comes with a wet paper towel and starts cleaning my cut, i asked her if im bleeding she then states its small cut i then look at my self and told her this is not a small cut.. she did not comment.. another DA comes and starts explaining how to care for my retainers and did not comment on my cut.. moving on doctor comes and asks if they explained retainer procedure and did not bother asking about my cut, i felt i was bleeding and asked him for something so i can clean myself thats when he said you poor thing youll be ok and hands over a gauze with alcohol and tells me to clean myself..

and then tells me to come back in 6 weeks for adjustments, i cant believe noone asked if i was ok or if i needed anything... clearly i was bleeding the cut goes in and out of my lip and noone had the decency to say anything not even when it happened he continued to work on me... this will be leaving a big scar.....

the dentist i went to was the one on 24th st bakersfield,ca and attached are the pictures... i contacted western dental corporate and did an investigation and stated that they are sorry for what happened but thats it, but that nothing can be done!

Review about: Western Dental Dental Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If it leaves a scar, please consider seeking legal counsel.


You're kidding, right? That cut will not leave a scar.

I had braces for 6 years and cuts like that were routine. It happens when dealing with sharp metal (braces) on your teeth and dental equipment.

Sounds like you are a giant baby and should probably just deal with your teeth on your own. Cry, cry.

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