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I have an appointment with Western Dental tomorrow to fix a lost filling. As I was filling out the paperwork, I noticed that under the 'Financial Responsibility" portion (which is normal for billing purposes) there is also a statement that gives them the right to pull my credit report. Um. No. Unless I'm setting up some payment plan with you, I might MIGHT consider it. But I've had payment plans with hospitals, doctors, orthodontists, etc., and never once have been asked for permission to pull my credit report.

The big red flag was a box at the top right of the form that stated "FICO". So I guess if my score was good enough I'd get flagged for major upselling?

I'm cancelling the appointment as soon as possible, although based on other reviews, I wouldn't be surprised if I got a bill anyway. Thank god I'm not in pain and I'll make sure to avoid chains like this in the future.

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After 3 years of paying a braces payment, it still sits higher than 1000,00 and yet when I call, they can't provide me with a payment history. I asked them to send one to me and guess what?

It never showed. The company also states that there is no interest on top of a payment and they charge my *** every month.

This company is fishy and I refuse to pay them, if I can't get the answers I deserve as a paying customer. Terrible company


You were very astute to see these warning signs. Proceeding with a devious corporate chain owned by investors rather than dentists would have been a big mistake.

There are plenty of private dentists who own their own practices who have a vest interest in satisfying the needs of patients.


I wonder what your dental care is like in your office where you have all this time to comment on every single complaint that I've seen.