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Over 3 years ago, they billed my insurance company thousands and were paid. They said I needed to pay what wasn't covered (900) and set up monthly payments.

I added them to my bill payer in my credit union. 10 payments x 90 and they received their checks. Last year they turned this debt to a collection agency. I disputed it and it was removed from my credit report.

Now exactly one year later they have given it to a different agency. Their work is shoddy, certainly not worth the 1000's they were paid and now this. I am seriously considering a lawsuit.

This hurts my credit score and causes my rates to go up. They should not be allowed to do this.

Reason of review: Credit scammers.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: remove this item from my credit report NOW!!.

Western Dental Cons: Padding of bill, Taken advantage of, Cost.

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I doubt it.. This is a repeat of last years performance.

Same song, different day.

You need to stop doing this. I just screamed at the poor girl at the credit reporting company. Poor thing.

Someone needs to create a credit reporting service that has a fiduciary responsibility to the consumer, not the credit companies. As it stands the corporation or their agents can report anything they want and the burden of proof falls on the consumer.

I was in the middle of a consolidation loan that was almost finished when this popped up on my credit report. They told me to come back in a month. Do you have any idea how many people you hurt when you pull these stunts?

I paid you.

I have cancelled checks.

I am getting a lawyer.


Get a free consult from an attorney to see what your options are.