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I went to Western Dental on April 5, 2016. Now I realize my teeth were going to need work. I am on Denti-cal and so obviously make very little. I had already had a root canal from a previous dentist who let me know they would give me a crown for $600.00. I could pay half and another half in two weeks. The problem was I do work and have Friday and Sunday off. I simply cannot skip work without threat to my job and income. This is when I went to Western Dental, Moreno Valley, CA on Hemlock. I was given x-rays and told they,

# Needed to pull the tooth that already had a root canal and crown

# Needed to do a root canal and crown the tooth next to it.

Cost above denti-cal was 4,462 without plan

and 1,961 with plan

Okay, I agreed and would pay 600.00 down and 120 per month.

This stretched my budget but it's my teeth. I work in the public so this is important.

I went in again brought 300.00 down and waited from appointment time at 11:00 AM until 4:00 before I was seen. At that time one dentist came in and looked at my mouth and said I must be getting the crown for one tooth and root canal and crown for the other. I said no, I was going to have one extraction from the tooth that had the root canal because the doctor said it could not be saved.

She shook her head and never came back in.

My tooth was extracted and I was fitted for a temporary awaiting my bridge.

My Next appointment was to fit for the bridge.

I went to this appointment and they the said I was going to need another extraction and this would mean three teeth so I would need to pay more money.

The next appointment I went they took both teeth and after came back and said I would need to pay twice as much now since it was five teeth.

I am sitting there without teeth, going to lose my job which I was very clear about on the last appointment and now they say the entire amount and monthly payment would go up. I already was at my max. I said that I had no choice since if I did not comply I would certainly lose my job and thus lively hood. I let them know I was not happy. They then said they were not going to finish the agreement and to find another dentist. They would give me a temporary. I could go through some corporate procedure which may take a while to get my down payment back.

What? I feel a powerless victim to this scam. I realize I cannot do anything since there are those out there with far worse experiences but at least I can make an effort to warn others.

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Western Dental Cons: Treatment, Billing practices and cusomer services, Having to get more treatment not covered by denti cal.

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Tell everyone you know and tell them to tell everyone they know, not to go there ever for any reason. My daughter just went through 6 months of *** with them and never go what they said

they would provide her, a set of dentures.

They were paid by

Denti cal.

Nothing but a bunch of liars and cheats. Contact your state department of board of dentists.


Try filing a grievance on their customer service website maybe it will work out


I had similar and sad to say worse experience and I feel the same plus they have over $2500 of my money and I'm sitting here with ground down exposed molars because because they have been impossible to resolve 1 single thing because they make you pay sometimes before the work is complete that's where they get you. Once they show how incompetent they really are you don't want to do business.

But it's too late.

Then you get the run around. It's hard to believe they stay in business.


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