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I went to your Lancaster office on 4/8/14 found out my daughter needed 4 crowns for her front teeth I decided to pay for to white crowns and paid 343.00. I then thought about it and changed my mind so I went in to cancel the contract which the person keep trying to convince me to keep them and not cancel my contract I told her I would like my refund and that’s when I got all types of excuses as far as who would be able to process the refund.

I called billing on 4/11/14 and the refund has not been asked for the billing transferred me to the Lancaster office and now im told it will take 30 days before they can get to my refund. Which I know it does not take that long to process a refund because for them to get my payment it did not take 30 days I would like my refund the same way I gave the money to the company. I don’t understand why in getting such a hard time on getting my money back. If this is how your patients get treated by your office staff then I will look for a new place to take my children.

I would like my money and please let me know when I am getting it. Thank you

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We read your comment and are sorry to hear that you had an unfortunate experience at one of our locations. Delivering a great patient experience is of the utmost importance to Western Dental.

We always appreciate comments so that we can continue to improve our organization and deliver the best care and services.

Please contact us at (800) 992-3366 during our regular business hours (Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm) so that we can look into the details of your concerns and take the appropriate action to make matters right. We look forward to assisting you.


One of the hallmarks of a dishonest business is delaying or refusing to refund a legitimate credit balance promptly. It was ludicrous to demand a deposit anyway, unless treatment was started.

Did your daughter have temporaries placed? If not, I can see no reason for a deposit. The standard policy is half down when the crowns are started, and half when they are finished.

Please, please, please seek treatment by an honest dentist who owns his own practice. Not some unfortunate, inexperienced dentist forced to work in a corporate dental clinic who is paid on commission.

Who do you think will fix any problems with your daughter's crowns when this dentist is gone and the clinic has a new dentist?

These places are a revolving door for employee dentists. No one wants to work there for long.

It might be that your daughter does not even need crowns, and there is a cheaper solution.


You canceled the contract....why? Was there a money back clause? Next time don't put money down that you can not afford to lose...