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I was a patient of Western Dental. I went there because I needed caps placed on 2 teeth.

A few days later I was in pain and went back. I was told that I should have had the root canal done before they put the caps on. I was charged for their mistake.

Two years later I received a bill in the mail stating that Western Dental had did a audit and that I had a outstanding balance of $1200.00. I immediately called the corporate office and explained that I had paid this bill in full years ago.

They told me to pay the bill or they would place it on my credit. Long story short I ended up paying the $1200.00. I was never issued a receipt.

I have contacted Western Dental numerous times and I have yet to receive a receipt even after making contact. THIS COMPANY IS A EXTORTIONIST!

Review about: Western Dental Dental Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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This Company is over pricing people. I had a wisdom tooth removed.

I was told that I need an implant to restore bone structure. I was told that I needed the implant. Which would cost me just over $400. I didn't have that amount that day or anything towards it.

So they made an agreement with me to pay $109 a month for 4 months until it was paid.I couldn't afford that either but I was expecting an income later for a job that I am still waiting to get hired with. I took a chance with them that I regret because I was told the implant was necessary making it an urgent health matter for me. I am not a dentist, I didn't know if I could go without the implant. In thinking it was absolutely necessary, I agreed to get the implant and to somehow find a way to pay them.

Seeing as though I was expecting some money had the job hired me by now. And with the understanding that it was an urgent matter.I had the procedure (implant) done on May 1. The first payment was to be paid via a debt card of mines by the 15th of each month for 4 months until the debt was paid. This payment was not paid, as I did not have the funds at that time.

Also, I was to come back for a check up in 2 weeks to see how the implant was healing. The appointment was made on the 15th, the exact same day I was to pay the first payment for the implant. I never made it to the appointment.June 5th my mother calls me to tell say that Western Dental called her wanting to know how to get in contact with me. Rather they informed her about the debt or that it was in attempt to collect a debt I don't know.

Because I hadn't responded to their messages they had just started to leave me.So I decided to call them because they had called my mom. Which was an emergency contact number listed on the initial paperwork they have you fill out on your first visit with them. I called the number left for me to contact them back with that was left in a recent message.I was successful in reaching two representatives before I reached a third one. Due to dropped calls.

I was asked my name then my address. They each went over the agreement that I signed that day and asked how would I like to take care (pay) of it. I told the third representative that I wasn't able to pay it. he then went into reminding me of the fact that I had agreed to pay and each time period I agreed to pay and by what method I agreed to pay it.I proceeded to inform him about their responsibilities as a company not to charge me or even ask me ( since they knew I couldn't afford it) to pay for something that I obviously couldn't afford to pay because of my income.

I ended up hanging up on him because I had gotten very upset with him and his tone of voice and the way he improperly insinuated I had defaulted on my payments. And informing me with threat, what was going to happen if I didn't make those payments or a payment towardsvthe debt. Not just to inform me that it was going to go to a third party to collect the debt, but he said it as to threaten me what would happen if I didn't make a payment.The representatives response and behavior towards me was unacceptable and uncalled for. As I do not believe that his job was to antagonize me and to treat me as though I had the money to pay but was refusing to do so and that it was his job to make this known to me.

I think this whole thing ( experience could have been avoided if they hadn't asked me to pay for something I couldn't afford though it was concerning my health and though it was an urgent matter. People every day have to pass up on health urgent procedures because they can't afford it. Their Responsibility was to just inform me. For situations like mines where we wouldn't be able to afford it, unfortunately should be paid the same day as the procedure done (before) or not done at all.

As to not put the patient in unnecessary debt.

Also, they should have informed me before the date of my appointment so I could have been prepared to bring payment for it if I was able to. Not have an urgent health matter like that be sprung on me seemingly out of nowhere, with no idea on what to decide because of the health concern and it being an urgent matter because a decision had to be decided.Now I will have new debt placed on my credit for unnecessary reasons had this dental place avoided presenting me a bill that I couldn't afford.


They sold me route canals I did not even need. There was a root canal done on a tooth that was going to be pulled out anyway.

I will never ever go back there again The work they did on me I will have to have re-done over again. My bill with them Was over $7000 and I’m still paying on it

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