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4 days ago my tooth began to hurt to the point it was obvious it needed to be pulled. I already had work done on this tooth, and I was hoping Medi-Cal could eventually increase their coverage of procedures so that I could use my Medi-Cal to pay for a root canal, and so when my tooth began hurting, I knew I could not wait for Medi-Cal coverage and that my tooth needed pulling. From the condition of my tooth, having a discolored tooth that has a big gaping hole and beginning to seriously ache, it was obvious, pulling the tooth is the only solution. I called Western Dental and asked to schedule an appointment for my tooth to be pulled, today on 9/11/15 is when my scheduled appointment was, I went to my local Western Dental today and was expecting to have my tooth pulled.

I had some x-rays done and was placed in another room, I expected the dentist to show up and pull my tooth, and this is not what happened, I was told my tooth did need pulling and I was scheduled on 9/29/15 to have it pulled. This is 17 days to wait to have my tooth pulled, when I thought that was what was going to be done today.

Then I asked the dentist if I had to wait that long for an appointment, if I could get some medication for the pain until then, the dentist wrote me a prescription. Once I was speaking with the receptionist before leaving the dentist office, she gave me the prescription and I had to ask her what it was for, as the writing on the prescription was so sloppy I could not even read it, when she told me it was for Motrin I made a complaint that it was not a strong enough medication for my tooth needing extraction. My complaint did result in them writing me a prescription for Tylenol 3, that is better than Motrin, but it seems to me like Tylenol 3 was still not sufficient.

If you are in serious pain and need some medications to get you by until your teeth can be worked on, then you might really have to beg for it, or else you may end up being written a prescription for Motrin, which is the same thing as Ibuprofen.

It would seem like a dentist would be completely aware of how much an aching tooth can hurt, and for the dentist to write me a prescription for Motrin and expect me to wait 17 days before my tooth can be pulled, that is sort of illogical.

It is not like I was some crack head wanting a pill popping fix with no valid reason for needing some pain medications.

I would not have complained at all if the dentist would have given me a reasonable prescription for hydrocodone, which is common for a serious tooth ache.

What a waste to expect to receive any reasonable medications for an aching tooth during my 17 day waiting period until they could have it extracted.

I am wondering, are tooth extractions really so uncommon that this particular Western Dental only has tooth extraction appointments once or twice a month.

It seems like pulling teeth would be common enough at a dentist's office, so that they would have a dentist capable of pulling teeth available on any given day.

Do you have an aching tooth that needs pulling, if so you might have to wait two weeks or more to get an appointment for a tooth extraction at Western Dental, at least that was my experience.

Review about: Western Dental Dental Filling.

Reason of review: 17 day wait to have an aching tooth pulled.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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As a dentist with a private practice, let me me set you straight on a few things.

1) Your extraction case might have been difficult, so they probably scheduled you for a day they were going to have an oral surgeon at the location.

2) In survey after survey Tylenol #3 (30/300) and Hydrocodone (5/325) are shown to be almost identical in pain relief. The reason you got Tylenol #3 is because Hydrocodone was recently moved to a schedule II narcotic and more and more pharmacies are refusing to fill this script for patients they don't know.

to Gimme-A-Break #1034735

My complaint was the fact of it being 17 days before I could be scheduled to have my tooth pulled, it is not like they told me to come back in a few days when an oral surgeon was available.

17 days is a long time to endure a toothache, an aching tooth can really be quite painful.

For a really well known dentist office to only have an oral surgeon on location once or twice a month to pull teeth, this doesn't seem like enough to me. It would seem like a dentist's office would run across patients needing teeth to be pulled more frequently than that.

I am just reemphasizing that I was at first prescribed Motrin and expected to wait 17 days to have my tooth pulled, and then the prescription was re-written for Tylenol 3 after I complained that Motrin was not strong enough.

As far as Hydrocodone being made a schedule II narcotic, I did not know that, all I knew was that I have been prescribed both in the past, and I prefer Hydrocodone over Tylenol 3

I have Medi-Cal insurance, and I don't think that many dentist's prescribe Hydrocodone to patients with Medi-Cal who end up having troubles getting the prescription filled.

to scovartwo Lansing, Michigan, United States #1070692

Look, if the free care you get as a societal parasite doesn't suit you, pay you own money and go to a decent dentist. I get so tired of welfare patients bellyaching.

It is your fault for letting your teeth decay so badly. Anyone who wants their teeth pulled instead of saved is a ***.

to Mr. Robotto #1070852

Looks like Mr. Robotto is voicing his exaggerated opinion from an ignorant perspective.

Reading Mr. Robotto's comment makes me wonder, what has he done in contributing to humanity that makes him any better than a person he does not even know, does he spend his time making useless comments to reviewers online and think he has accomplished any good?

to Mr. Robotto #1070858

Mr. Robotto Mr.

Robotto, your comment made you sound like a fool, the question is, do you even realize it? Don't worry too much about it, it is never too late to make a change for the better.

Worthless comments like yours here, is not helping anything.

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