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My husband was seen at the 1701 Watt Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825 location during the second week in February 2016. He was seen as a new patient and a routine dental cleaning and x-rays were done. He saw Dr. Lierio at this location, which I was told is the lead dentist there. He was told by Dr. Lierio that he had 4 wisdom teeth that needed to be removed due to pain they were causing and that he has 3 SMALL cavities. Only one of the cavities was filled by Dr. Lierio during this first visit due to the dental cleaning taking up time as well. We were told by Jason, the coordinator that our insurance did not cover the wisdom teeth to be extracted since there was no decay on them and that we would have to submit it to the insurance to see if they would cover it. I was told that this would take 6-8 weeks even though my husband was in extreme pain. This first filling was great and done properly. There was no pain afterwards.

I called about a week and a half (8-10 days) later to see if the claim was submitted to my insurance and my insurance said that they have not received anything from the office about the wisdom teeth. I called the office where Jacob had went and asked for Jason. Jason said that they had sent over the claim to our insurance and I had explained that they did not receive it yet. He insured me that it was sent over. I told him that my husband was still in a lot of pain and asked if there was anything we can do to speed up the process and he said it’s all on the insurance.

I called my insurance about a week (7 days) later AGAIN, and still nothing sent over from Western Dental. I asked the lady to double check. She stated that all the billing information for the dental cleaning, xrays, and cavities were sent over but nothing about the wisdom teeth. I explained the situation about how my husband was in extreme pain and that we needed to find out what we can do to expedite this process. She told me that without the claim filed by Western Dental that she can’t approve anything. I called Western Dental again and was told the same thing by Jason, the coordinator. By this time I am getting really frustrated and concerned that there is a huge disconnect between the office at Western Dental and the Medical office. Jason told me that he was sure that he sent it over. I asked him to please send it again and he said that he would.

I called another week out (7 days) for the 3rd time. The Medical claims office said that they have not received anything yet from Western Dental. She asked me if it was sent over mail or E-sent. I called Jason at the Western Dental office and he told me it was E-sent. I called the claims office again and she told me that it should have been received 3-5 days from the visit and nothing was there about the wisdom teeth so again for the 3rd time, they can’t approve anything since it has not been submitted. By this time my husband is in so much pain so I call Western Dental and am told the same thing by Jason, that he’s sent it for sure and they are waiting.

After this horrible OVER 3 week fiasco, I waited at this point since Jason endured me that it was sent and then resent to the claims office. I scheduled an appointment for my husband to come back into the office at Western Dental to have the other 2 cavities filled. Jacob went into the office and was seen by Dr. Pinky (female dentist). She could barely speak English and seemed like she had not been working there very long. During this visit Jacob was at the dentist’s office for over 3 hours for 2 fillings. The first filling took over an hour to drill and Jacob expressed that he had pain and the dental assistance kept asking if he was ok since he was clinching his and moving his feet. The second filling took just as long. During the fillings the drill fell out of the tool 3 times and one of the 3 times it scratched Jacobs gum on the bottom. Dr. Pinky kept stating that she couldn’t see in Jacobs mouth and that she was having a hard time. The dental assistant seemed really concerned. During the last filling Dr. Pinky drilled so far into the tooth that blood starting *** everywhere in Jacobs mouth and they had to stop. Jacob told the dental assistant and Dr Pinky that he was in pain from the drilling and filling and was told by Dr Pinky that he may need a root canal on the fillings since she had to drill so far. She also told him that the pain would be there for about 2 more weeks until the filling sat in. Jacob was concerned because he was told previously by Dr. Leirio that the cavities were small and Dr Pinky was drilling for about an hour on each one of the fillings she did that day. Due to the force and un necessary drilling the bone/tooth was chipped from the top filling. 2-3 days after the filling had been done on the top tooth, the bone had chipped and worked its way through the gum. I pulled the bone chip out that was stuck in the gum on 2/14/16 @ 7:37am and took a picture of this and have attached it.

2 weeks had passed and Jacob still felt pain from the fillings that Dr Pinky had done. He was scared to call back in and let them know since still to the date have not had the insurance claim filed and the last experience at the office was horrible. I called around to local oral surgeons and took matters into my own hands and scheduled Jacob to have his wisdom teeth removed due to the lack of submitting the claim on Western Dentals side and Jacob being in so much pain. We ended up paying around $750.00 to an oral surgeon to extract the wisdom teeth. No one should have to go through that experience when calling 3 times and going in 2 times and being told that the insurance claim was filed when it indeed was not yet. After us paying the $750 to a private oral surgeon we get a call 2-2.5 weeks after the removal of the wisdom teeth stating that the insurance was approved and we can schedule the appointment. At this time during the call about the approval, I personal spoke with Jason the office coordinator. I told him the whole story from the beginning and he told me that he was sorry for the experience and that he would see what can be done and call me back.

2 MORE weeks pass by and no call from Jason. I called the Western Dental office on 3/18/16 @ 9:21am. I told the lady that answered the phone what happened and she told me to have Jacob come in right now. I asked If he would be seeing the last dentist and she told me no. He would see the first dentist Dr. Lierio. I agreed to have Jacob come in to see only that dentist since he did a good job the first time. Jacob was in the office by 10-10:15am. He saw Dr. Lierio and was told that the last dentist Dr. Pinky drilled way too far into his tooth and caused damage and that’s why hes in pain. Xrays were taken to confirm this. Over half of the tooth was drilled out on both cavities that Dr Pinky filled and it was un necessary due to the first xray comparison. Jacob was told that based upon the first and last xrays that Dr Pinky drilled way too far and caused damage so now Jacob has to have 2 root canals. Jacob asked when this can be done. The office ran Jacobs insurance and said that since we switched insurance over to a new company that we have to go through our new company. Jacob said that since Western Dental, Dr Pinky, was at fault and messed up that she should fix it. Jacob explained that he was still in a lot of pain and that it needed to be fixed. He was told by Jason, the office coordinator that he needed to go to the person that would cover him under the new insurance.

I called our new dentist office that we were assigned to on 3/18/16 and they told me that we can’t be seen since there are no openings until May. I called back to Western Dental and they said that we don’t have insurance they can take and to see what the new dentist office and do under an emergency visit. I called back the new dentist office and was told to call in 3/21/16 after 8am to see what they can do under an emergency visit.

I called 3/21/16 to our new dentist office and we are not active with them until 4/1/16. They refused to see us and said there’s nothing they can do until 4/1/16 when the insurance kicks in at the new office. I called back to Western Dental and spoke with Jason 3/21/16 @ 9:23am and told him what was going on. He still said that theres nothing they can do since we don’t have insurance under the original one anymore and its transitioning. I told him that Western Dental messed up and they need to fix this since they are at fault and its been so long that Jacobs been in pain. The best I was told that they can do is to have Jacob come in today 3/21/16 to be seen by Dr Mohammad. I asked Jason what this visit was going to accomplish or what can be done. He told me that they need to see Jacob to determine what the next step was. I told him that they did this at the last visit with Dr. Lierio on 3/18/16 and that it was determined they were at fault and 2 root canals need to be performed to fix their mistake. He told me that was all he can do and he was not sure what was going to be done at this appointment today.

My concern is that my husband is in pain several weeks after this all started when Dr Pinky was at fault for doing un necessary drilling when she shouldn’t have and caused my husband now to have root canals. We have received beyond poor customer service from the office staff and no one calls us back to resolve the problem after knowing what is going on. We were out $750 due to the lack of sending in the claims to our insurance for the wisdom teeth removal, several days lost due to lack of communication on the offices end, days of work lost due to having to keep coming into the office un necessarily with no resolution still. What is going to be done in the meantime while my husband is in severe pain and waiting for our insurance to kick in at the new dentist assigned? What can you do to rectify the $750 spent, days of work lost, and still in pain and no root canals ordered by the office that messed this up?

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Dental Dental Filling.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Western Dental Cons: Rough dentists, Treatment.

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I would contact a lawyer. This is medical malpractice!


I agree but even if a lawyer won't take the case due to lack of financial value, you can still file a complaint with the dental board. The board will be able to tell from the pre-op films if the "small cavities" were over-prepped and now require root canal therapy due to negligence.