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Waiting nearly 2 hours to have dentures aligned asking reception how much longer she says !45 minutes what how unprofessional Read more

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When you go to Western Dental always be prepared to be there several hours even if it's for something very minor like a feeling or a cleaning. The front office staff when I asked why the wait is so long commented that because they book 10 people her appointment time hoping that all of them won't show. But what happens when they also? The patient suffers this terrible customer service. Add comment

I went to Western Dental on April 5, 2016. Now I realize my teeth were going to need work. I am on Denti-cal and so obviously make very little. I had already had a root canal from a previous dentist who let me know they would give me a crown for $600.00. I could pay half and another half in two weeks. The problem was I do work and have Friday and Sunday off. I simply cannot skip work without threat to my job and income. This is when I... Read more

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Western Dental Yuba City, ca. The dentist is in charge of the office on who can be seen and not. They are even over the office manager the person that is over the staff. I felt that they did not do the services they where charging me for that day. So I told them that I wanted to talk to the office manager. So when I was in with the office manager I had them call the dentist in and told him I was not happy with the services the performed... Read more

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Never give them your banking information so they can bill you each month for direct payment. Take advantage of their no interest but pay them each month. Make sure when they bill your insurance you know what they are suppose to charge. They will try to get you to upgrade all of this stuff. But only go with the with what the insurance pays. The staff is trained on how to get you to upgrade your services. Do not blame they staff for their... Read more

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This is a debt collection, or financial, scam in the guise of a dentist. Dentistry is just their front for a payment plan based scam. Be prepared for bills for items you don't recognize (like "n/a" or "services rendered" or "insurance shortfall") followed by debt-collection harassment. They will charge you late fees randomly without explanation. If you call them asking for an explanation they will say they are willing to negotiate a payment!... Read more

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Today, my wife received another bill from western dental and all her bills were paid and western dental confirmed she had zero dollars balance. My wife never been back to the dental office for any treatment, but still received a bill. I think western dental keeps billing people even they do not go to their office for treatment. They are scam!!!! Read more

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My son: About 2 years ago my son had a cavity covered with a filling at Western Dental Santa Cruz office. Covered? Yes I meant covered. Last week, that same tooth cracked away. (My kids have already had their dental care transferred from Western Dental to another dentist.) Per the new dentist, Western Dental did not drill out the cavity. Instead they covered it with a filling which allowed the cavity to further decay the tooth leading to the... Read more

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Over 3 years ago, they billed my insurance company thousands and were paid. They said I needed to pay what wasn't covered (900) and set up monthly payments. I added them to my bill payer in my credit union. 10 payments x 90 and they received their checks. Last year they turned this debt to a collection agency. I disputed it and it was removed from my credit report. Now exactly one year later they have given it to a different agency. Their work... Read more

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I went to western dental because of the payment plan they seem nice a fair plan but the dentist was awful he was talking the whole time in Spanish to his assistant and that was unbearable also never told me what he was going to do just took out 3 teeth it was the worst experience I have ever had in my life I felt like I was a dog at a veterinarian hospital the second time I went changed dentist she had no idea what was supposed to be done that... Read more

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